jEveAssets 5.8.2 (2019-03-04)


(Golden Gnu) #122

Thank you for your bug report :slight_smile:
Market Orders are marked as Unknown when they’re removed from the ESI return.
I have a ESI issue for it: Corp/Char Market Orders: Parity
There is nothing I can do about it until it’s fixed in ESI.
Do read Johann Hemphill’s reply too, to see how he works around it.

Email reply send

(Golden Gnu) #123

Check your email…

(Marshall Prime) #124

Got it! Check your mail too , i send u feedback <3

(Golden Gnu) #126

jEveAssets 5.2.0 released

New Features:
-Added Export in EFT format in Ship Fittings Tool
-ESI UI: Lookup owners in-game
-Routing: Added stations
-Routing: Save/Load calculated routes
-Routing: Add locations from other tools
-Check for program/data updates once an hour and show result on the statusbar

Bug Fixes:
-Splash screen disappear before frame is shown
-Market Orders missing from Stockpile
-Settings closed when pressing Apply
-Ignore empty fittings when exporting all fittings to Eve XML fittings format
-Fixed locations menus (again)
-Fixed BugID: 620
-Possible fix for BugID: 622 621
-Possible fix for BugID 326

-A few Routing GUI improvements
-Added Cargo to Eve XML Fittings export

-Updated eve-esi-dev to 1.4.9 (use Double for ISK values)

(Gyges Skyeye) #127

Is there a good way to programmatically generate stockpile xml? I’m kind of hung up over the “item id” = “really long number” which isn’t type ID and I figure is something internal to the DB of jeveassets.

Use case is trying to better manage BPC stockpiles for T2 production. I can’t seem to find a great way to massage the data to one of the currently accepted import formats. I’m also leery of stripping out the Item id category, afraid that it will make everything blow up. Or faking it and getting collisions. Is that a valid fear, or can I just get rid of that item id category when making something to import?

(Golden Gnu) #128

You should leave out the item->id (do not include it at all), a new id will be generated when importing the stockpile. Collisions is a valid fear, yes, so, it’s better to let jEveAssets generate the id for you.


<item minimum="1.0" typeid="34"/>

Extra Info:
The id are used for tags, to identify each unique item in all the stockpiles. It uses the time to generate the id, with a few additions to avoid collisions.

Use case is trying to better manage BPC stockpiles for T2 production

Out of curiosity, would what you’re trying to do, be possible to solve by adding a new feature to jEveAssets? Instead having to generate stockpile xml files etc.

(Golden Gnu) #129

To anyone who are interested in helping me decide what features to do next…
Please, take the jEveAssets Feature Survey
The survey takes 1-2 minutes to complete and only have 10 quick questions.

(Neugeniko) #130

I’m getting a fair few unknown locations, any ideas?

|Neugeniko|[Unknown Location #1004652576939]|
|Neugeniko|[Unknown Location #1004652576939]|
|Neugeniko|[Unknown Location #1004652576939]|
|Neugeniko|[Unknown Location #1025892982908]|
|Neugeniko|[Unknown Location #1025901165365]|
|Neugeniko|[Unknown Location #1025901165365]|
|Neugeniko|[Unknown Location #1025901165365]|
|Neugeniko|[Unknown Location #1025901165365]|
|Neugeniko|[Unknown Location #1025905802081]|
|Neugeniko|[Unknown Location #1025905802081]|
|Neugeniko|[Unknown Location #1025914002816]|
|Neugeniko|[Unknown Location #1025914002816]|
|Neugeniko|[Unknown Location #9001352597000041864]|
|Neugeniko|[Unknown Location #9001359308000569359]|


(Golden Gnu) #131

Numbers Stating with 9:
Could you contact me via email (my email is on the wiki).
I need data to create an issue ESI for the #9001352597000041864 locations.

Numbers Stating with 1:
I assume you already ran the structure update?
I think it may be Customs Offices? If you could confirm/deny that, that would be great.

Thank you very much for reporting this. :slight_smile:

(Neugeniko) #132

Also the From Field for market transaction in the journal is empty for new pulls.

(Kaye Carson) #133

@Golden Gnu

I updated to 5.2.0 this morning.

Updated all characters to ESI.
Updated Structures.
On launching the Update/Update main menu option, I get the “Updating” dialog box with the following error associated with the “Citadels” item:

"Citadels PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Citadels PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target"

I ran the CItadel update again, but that didn’t clear the error.

(Golden Gnu) #134

Update Java to the latest version:

  1. Uninstall all versions of java (help)
  2. Download the latest version of java
  3. Install java (help)

If thas does not fix the problem, just reply here and I will help the best I can…

Extra Info:
Older versions of Java does not have an up-to-date SSL root certificate.

(Kaye Carson) #135

That did the trick, thanks for your prompt reply and for a great tool!

Not sure why my auto-updater didn’t auto-update, but looks to be good now!


(uhnboy ghost) #136


i have notis a strange bug, when you loose a ship the mods that dont drop from the kill stays in the asset list but in a “unknown location” see pic

the guns and grappler dident drop so they are listed in the same “unknown location” but the siege module droped and is not in the asset list

i have tryed uninstalling all jeveassets files and the settings folers and even reinstalled java but it still shows up when i add the new ESI

(Golden Gnu) #137

Thank you for your bug report :slight_smile:
Could email me about this bug (my email is on the wiki), It sounds like it’s from ESI, so, I need a bit more data to create an ESI bug report.

(Johann Hemphill) #138

“Unknown Error: timeout value is negative” on all characters on all queries until I restart the client. I’ll submit a bug report if this happens again.

(Golden Gnu) #139

If you send me the logs, I will look into it.

(KenFlorian) #140


I’ve been running JEVE, occassionaly for a long time. It’s connected to EveKit.

I’m running 5.2.0…some data is accurate and some not.

For example, on one of my alts all open jobs are correct, while on another alt it still shows four jobs as active in an EC which no longer exists.

How shall I fix it?

Other than setup information of connecting API, I would be okay losing all data and starting over.

Thank you for a great tool.

(Golden Gnu) #141

So, if I understand correct, the Industry Jobs have the wrong value in the State column?
It’s most likely because, they’re still in the XmlAPI, and thereby also in EveKit.
If you could contact me via email (my email is on the wiki), I will do my best to debug it, with your help :slight_smile:

(salacious necrosis) #142

Hi @KenFlorian, I’m the dev behind EveKit. I looked at this with @Golden_Gnu. It looks like a few of your jobs exposed a bug in EveKit. Specifically, EveKit misses the corner case where a job is cancelled because the facility was unanchored. I understand this might have happened in your case.

I’ve fixed the bug, but the jobs I looked at in your case are too far in the past to be updated automatically. I’m happy to fix them for you manually if you like (I counted 11 jobs total across a few accounts). I would suggest setting the status to “canceled” (102).