jEveAssets 5.8.2 (2019-03-04)


(Jin Rot'hani) #163

You have a contract. I do Project Discovery which grants 2 Skins every level :wink:

(Golden Gnu) #164

Thank you for the skin, applied skins are not in the assets list, sadly. I don’t know of any other way to get the data, so, until there is a endpoint that return them, we’re out of luck…

(Mollie Athonille) #165

Was the bug mentioned in the post below resolved? I’m on v. 5.3.0, and I’m seeing the same issues with some of my data.

uhnboy ghost
i have notis a strange bug, when you loose a ship the mods that dont drop from the kill stays in the asset list but in a “unknown location” see pic
the guns and grappler dident drop so they are listed in the same “unknown location” but the siege module droped and is not in the asset list
i have tryed uninstalling all jeveassets files and the settings folers and even reinstalled java but it still shows up when i add the new ESI

(Golden Gnu) #166

It’s not fixed, but, have been reported in the ESI issue tracker and someone from CCP have replied, so, I hope it will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

ESI Issue:

(Jin Rot'hani) #167

Ok another question: is there a way to filter/export a list so that items only show in one row each? Lets say i dont care about location, owner etc and just want an overview of a selection of items + type count and maybe other columns which are always the same for those items (like m³, price,…)

(Golden Gnu) #168

No, that is not possible.
If it’s a feature you want to request, I’m going to ask you to create a new issue on GitHub.
It sounds like it could a be a useful feature to have. It also sounds like it would be really hard to code, but, that does not mean it will never be done, if you request it.

(Jin Rot'hani) #169

requested :stuck_out_tongue:

(Golden Gnu) #170

The reason I ask for you to create the issue, is that you will get an email when anyone comment on the issue. That is helpful if I need your help testing to feature when I start working on it. I have no ETA on it ATM, though. But, I will get to it eventually.

(Jin Rot'hani) #171

You can probably reach me faster my mailing me ingame to Jin :wink:

Added another issue #34:
I also found missing items. The 5 limited “Blaze” Squadron skins don’t show as such in the app, instead they show up as: Name: !47101 - !47106


(Yenna Zambooruk) #172

Thanks for the advice on how to construct routes, this is working really well.

I am now trying to reduce the amount of XLS recording I do by looking at the possibilities of using a Market Orders Download into my XLS.

I have Settings - Price Data set to Jita - Buy Maximum but the Market Orders tab uses a Transaction Price column and then Profit and Percent which is different value, closer in value to 5% percentile price?

Any reason for this? Could it be changed to be consistent with Settings as used by Assets, Tree, & Materials ?


(Golden Gnu) #173

The Marker orders Transaction columns does not use Price Data, they use your own transactions to calculate if you’re making a profit by buying and selling stuff.

If you would like one or more columns that uses price data instead, please, make a new issue on GitHub.

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

(Golden Gnu) #174

jEveAssets 5.4.0 released

New Features:
-Added Manufacturing/Reactions output to the Assets tool (Optional)
-Added shopping list and eve multibuy import to the stockpile

Bug Fixes:
-Stockpile Shopping List did not distinguish between BPC and BPO
-Industry Jobs in the assets list now have the correct flag

-Updated glazedlists to 1.11.0
-Updated eve-esi to 2.0.2 (fix missing contracts - x-pages)

(Yenna Zambooruk) #175

Thanks for the explanation. JEveAssets just gets better, another new feature I hadn’t realised. :heart_eyes:
So to clarify, Transaction Price is my most recent sale of this item ; either to a Buy order or through one of my Sell orders?
These columns can replace work in my spreadsheet!

One problem I have noticed in downloading the Market Orders CSV file.
For expensive items I often have low Quantity of usually 10.
I have tested this in Excel and Google Sheets and the CSV import process is taking Quantity examples such as 3/10, 7/10, 10/10 and automatically converting them to dates?

(Golden Gnu) #176

Re: Transactions Columns
I took a look at the code:

  • For Buy Orders it will use the last Sell Transaction to do the calculations.
  • For Sell Orders it will use the last Buy Transaction to do the calculations.

Re: Quantity
I should probably split up the quantity column into two columns, to fix this.
I have created an issue on GitHub.

Thank you very much for your positive feedback.
Happy users FTW :slight_smile:

(Jin Rot'hani) #177

Blaze skins are now in the database :slight_smile:

But i have another question: How can i find items that are not showing in the in-game Assets and shown as “unknown location” in jEveAssets?

(Golden Gnu) #178

There are 4 categories of unknown locations I know about:

  • Assets in customs offices
  • Assets in structures you do not have docking access to.
  • Assets in destroyed/trashed containers/ships.
  • Bugged assets (those should be marked separately in jEveAssets)

EDIT: if it’s not one of those, I will need your help to figure it out, so, please, post here if that is the case

(Jin Rot'hani) #179
  • I don’t store skins in customs offices
  • since i can’t find it with in-game asset window, it can’t be docking access (correct?)
  • i didn’t destroy any container or ship
  • bugged, like what? the only info i have is the above posted output row. is there any other info i should look for?

Should i ask CCP to find the item?

(Golden Gnu) #180

Sounds like it may be an item that does not fit in any of the existing categories.
I think it’s a good idea to contact eve-online support to figure out where the item is located.
To make it easier for support, you should include the item ID and the screenshot you posted here.

If you could reply here, when you figure out where the item is located, I would appreciate it.
If there is a new category of unknown locations, I may need to create a new ESI issue.

Re: Bugged Items: those items should have a special message in the location column, so, it does not fit your location.

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

(Cat Harkness) #181

I have been looking at the “Location Unknown” also. I get the same results in EveHQ, 82 items about 5 Mil ISK. And they are not found in the Personal Assets search in game.

This is not counting items in Custom Offices, which is known problem with the API.

The “Added” column has dates from 2013, up to Jan 6th 2018

I will continue to look into it.


(Golden Gnu) #182

I currently have 2 ESI issues for unknown locations:

That is all the shortcomings I know about, the bug is really brutal if you do a lot of PvP, but, affect pretty much everyone and the feature only hit people who do PI.