jEveAssets 6.6.3 (2019-10-21)

Feature Request:

I would like to, at a glance, see if it is more worthwhile to sell my items to buy prices or sell prices.

Sometimes I bring a lot of items to market and I like to either sell to buy orders or put up sell order depending on the spread between the buy and sell price

Lets say that my total fees to set up a sell order are 7% and my sales tax to sell to a buy order is 2.5%. I may choose a minimum spread to sell straight to buy orders and the rest I can add to the sellers market.

for example I may decide that unless I can make a clear 10% at the current prices that I would rather just sell to the buy orders. All these options could be selectable through fields in the application.

Ship names containing symbols and located in space not showing correctly (it’s show symbol codes), but if the ship in dock or in ship hangar all fine

Looks like this:
1st undocked 2nd docked (same symbols)

Please send me an email with the full ship name and the item id (not to be confused with type id).
See the wiki for step to report a bug (you don’t need to send me the log).

Mailed gmail & ingame

I created a corp yesterday and had assets transferred to it.

No matter how many times I have tried to pull the corp assets, the corporation jEveAssets defaults to when I do Options/Accounts/Add (and then log into the Characters account) is the old NPC corp.

I have rebooted, waited after downtime, sacrificed goats - no joy!


Corporation changes can take up to 24h to take effect in jEveAssets. So, sadly you just have to wait longer…
Also, in case you didn’t know, to get corporation assets you need to add a corporation account created with a character with the in-game director role (See the wiki for help).

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Thanks for the prompt response.

Just came back from a run, had another go and it did refresh; it must have been the 24hrs.

Much appreciated!

ilove that software


i have orgazm!!!

Had a look through this but could see a response.

2 questions/ issues

  1. When I delete all characters the data for them still exists in the app, is there a way to remove this?

  2. is there a way to reset the app so I can start looking at assets from this point onwards?

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