jEveAssets 6.9.4 (2021-09-16)

Try following the wiki steps:

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jEveAssets 6.4.1 released

Bug Fixes:
-Isk/Values best fitted ship including stacks of ships
-Use universe/names less (since it’s being unstable)
-Fixed unexpected end of JSON input: Use JWT (Issue #163)
-Ensure public market orders are unique (Issue #158)

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jEveAssets 6.5.0 released

New Features:
-BPC colors can now be changed (Issue #150)
-Added assets colors to the tree table
-Better GUI on the color settings panel (tested on Ubuntu and Windows)
-Improved math for Transaction Profit/Price columns (Issue #152)
-Added option to select what price to use for profit calculations
-Added ToolTips to a lot of columns
-Changeable Look and Feel + Dark Theme (Issue #66)
-Faction warfare system ownership column to Assets/Tree
-Added Reprocessed price column to Market Orders tool
-Stockpile match installer for industry jobs (Issue #164)

-Stockpiles are now sorted case-insensitive

-Updated dom4j library to 2.1.3 (security vulnerability)
-Updated eve-esi to 4.0.0 (major change: all enums can now be null)

Bug Fixes:
-Possible fix for outbid count being wrong (Issue #158)
-Possible fix for account error JWT is null (Issue #171)
-Contracts Appraisal API failing when including private structures (Issue #172)
-Outbid range for sell orders always used region (Issue #170)
-Made StatusPanel.progressStatus thread safe (BugID: 830)
-Fixed Market Orders export having a bad value for Market Details column
-Possible fix for Stockpile CtD (BugId: 833)
-Ensure outbid doesn’t have outdated data (Possible fix for #158 and #170)

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jEveAssets 6.5.1 released

Bug Fixes:
-Unable to delete/edit stockpile entries (Issue #176) [Thanks to Nickand87]

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jEveAssets 6.6.0 released

New Features:
-Use ZKillboard’s Structure API
-Transaction Margin (Issue #153)
-New Tool: Industry Slots (Issue #179)
-Added skill points value to Tracker and Isk Tools (Issue #116)
-Import/Export Routes (Issue #167)
-Cascading Stockpiles AKA Subpiles (Issue #141)
-Toggle reprocessing colors on toolbar Assets/Tree (Issue #151)
-Add Transaction Filter Table Menu (Issue #165)

-Updated pricing library to 2.1.2

Bug Fixes:
-Bad layout in SettingsDialog when opened the first time on some look and feels
-Ask before overwriting a route when saving and order saved routes alphabetical
-Stockpile EFT import ignore loaded charges (Issue #154)


jEveAssets 6.6.1 released

New Features:
-Skill point filters are now shared between the Isk and Tracker (Issue #187)

Bug Fixes:
-Stockpile did not handle editing correctly (Issue #186)

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jEveAssets 6.6.2 released

New Features:
-Added stockpile multiplier and subpile target in the shopping list (Issue #189)

-Subpiles are now include when hidden (Issue #188)

Bug Fixes:
-Industry Slots did not include corporation jobs

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any chance of getting a dotlan map type of integration?

I have things all over the place but i’d like to be able to visually see on a map where they are.

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I don’t have anything planned for that. But, I do have an issue for something like it:

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All of my accounts failed to update because of an “HWT is null” error. So I reauthorized ESI scopes for the accounts and now I’m getting “Waiting for cache to expire” error for almost 24 hours.

Is there a way to fix this?

Waiting for cache to expire is not an error. It’s just a warning telling you that it’s waiting for ESI cache to expire. So, don’t worry about it.

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Hey Golden,

Returning to game after a long break. Still love jEve, but getting this error when trying to load Corp assets.

ESI > Assets > Jednota Inc
Error Code: 500
{“error”:“Invalid 200 response: ‘location_type’ is required, ‘location_flag’ is required”,“response”:

Already answered this on discord. But, for reference:
This is a ESI issue:

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jEveAssets 6.6.3 released

New Features:
-Added option to change decimal separator used when copying (Issue #195)
-Greatly improved the GUI on the Nimbus and GTK+ (Linux) look and feels
-Improved the GUI on all look and feels

-Better error message for invalid authorization (JWT is null) (Issue #193)
-Better warning message for “waiting for cache to expire”
-Stockpile include now start blank (forcing discovery of the options)

-Updated eve-esi to 4.1.0
-Updated all 3rd party libraries to the latest version

Bug Fixes:
-Skill point filter was always adding 5m (now it just enforce 5m minimum)
-NPE in FilterMatcher (BugId: 850)
-Components size was not adjusted to LAF
-Missing constructor for ContractPriceItem on Java 14 (BugId: 854)
-Fixed default market orders table sort order
-Incorrectly mark some assets and stockpile items as blueprints
-Save/load invalid account state
-Only run Faction Warfare once on update
-Fixed invention lookup not working for blueprints
-Removed and from the lookup menu
-Checks periodical if the marketlogs directory exist (if missing on startup)

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jEveAssets continues to be super useful for a bunch of things, but one of the things I really wanted from it was to keep a permanent history of market transactions - e.g. “what did I pay for this stack of Gilas 10 months ago?” - so that I can see what various items cost/sold for historically and to keep track of where items went - e.g. “Did I sell that Barghest skin?!”

Any chance of the option to make transaction history permanent?

Another request: I really like the tracker for keeping track of my overall net worth, but ever since skillpoint tracking was introduced, that sort of dominates the graph and makes it not very useful by default. Any chance that I could change the Assets view to have skill points hidden by default?

Re Transactions:
That is already possible: Options > Options… > Transactions > Check: Save Transaction History

Re Tracker Skill Points:
That is already possible, in the Tracker tool: Click: Skill Point Filters > Uncheck all your characters > Click OK


Re Transactions:
I already have that checked, but it appears to only keep 3 months of history (my transactions stop at 2020-07-24, today is 2020-10-24). I would like to keep my history forever.

Re Tracker Skill Points:
Ah, great. It would be awesome if there were check all/uncheck buttons.
Also, on my display the last column is partially hidden behind the scrollbar and the window is not resizeable. You might want to take into account the scrollbar width when drawing the window.

Re Transactions:
I’m not 100% sure how much history is in the transaction endpoint, it may be 3 months or it may be 1 month. However, please, check it tomorrow after updating, if it’s still stops at 2020-07-24, I think it’s working as intended, if not and the date is now another, then I’m pretty sure it’s a bug and I will need you email me the log. See the wiki
EDIT: Looks like ESI only have 1 month of data for transactions, so 3 months should mean it’s saving history just fine.

Re Tracker Skill Points:
Check all/uncheck buttons: That is a good idea, thanks!
GUI problems: Sorry about that. I did a lot GUI improvements for 6.6.3, but, I missed that dialog. I will look into for the next release. What operating system are you on? and what look and feel are you using?


Re Transactions:
So I still see transactions going back to 2020-07-24 03:49. I’ve been using jEveAssets since 2013 and I don’t recall ever changing that setting, especially not this year. It’s possible I found it recently. If it shrinks again I’ll let you, but otherwise RIP many years of history :cry::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Re Tracker Skill Points:
I’m on Windows, default Look & Feel, and I just discovered the Look & Feel option so I’ll probably change it :smile: