jEveAssets 6.9.4 (2021-09-16)

So I’m new to using jeveassets. I do a small amount of station trading and some regional trading and was hoping I could use this tool to easily see what my total margin is between a buy and sell for an item. In the market orders tab, it seems to have all the info to calculate that (perhaps minus knowing what taxes you are paying) ie on the completed sell order entry it shows the broker fees you paid (I assume this includes relisting), the original transaction price to buy it, and then the profit per item. It doesn’t seem to use those though to show a column for your overall profit (it knows the fees, quantity, and per item margin so I would think it could do that). I may just not be looking in the right place, but is that not a feature in the tool? I know I can do this with my own spreadsheet but it would be nice to not have to keep exporting from this tool to a spreadsheet to see that information.

The main problem with linking the 3 sources of information:
-Journal (have tax and broker fee entries)
-Transactions (Have the same datatime as journal tax, so that is easy to link)
-Market Orders (Have the same datetime as journal broker fee, so that is easy to link)
However, linking market orders and transactions, is only possible by comparing a bunch of stuff (type, quantity, location), it will always be imperfect and it’s rather complicated to program.
Here is the issue:
It’s is something I want to do, but, It’s going to take time to get right.

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jEveAssets 6.9.4 released

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed tree tool totals (parent items, statusbar, table menu)
-Fixed Formula columns not working with results like 1.333…
-Fixed price update failing (now fail when 25% of all price are zero, was 10%)
-Table menu sum did not work correct for values between 0.0 and 1.0 (Ex: 0.14)

-Better handling of error throwables during update
-Optimized Tree tool collapse and expand all
-Hopefully fixed very slow sorting with many active filters in the Tree tool

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Edit: Think it’s a bug. I’ve opened an issue.