jEveAssets 7.8.1 (2023-10-18)

jEveAssets is a wealth tracking and inventory management tool that works across multiple accounts including corporate accounts.

Powerful, customizable filters allow you to drill down and analyze your data in as much detail as you like. It keeps track of sales and expenditures, industry jobs, lets you know when stock needs to be replenished, and most importantly calculates your net worth.

Pros: Actively developed (the author @Golden_Gnu is very responsive); Citadel-aware*; works with corp APIs; data is stored locally not remotely

* If your citadel shows up as [Unknown Location #102512312312] add it to the structure hunt or edit the location manually.

What I use jEveAssets for:

I make most of my ISK by manufacturing and importing a stock of several hundred items and selling them from a nullsec trade hub. I use jEveAssets for:

  • Finding stuff: If I know I have an item on one of my characters but can’t remember which, a quick query in the asset window will tell me which character has it and where.
  • Managing stockpiles: If I’m running low on a certain item (<50% stock, customizable), the stockpile alerts me so I can build or import more before it runs out. Stockpiles count not only assets, but also market order and industry jobs.
  • Viewing contracts: With a proper filter I can see all active contracts across all characters in one place.
  • Tracking sales: I can see everything I sell each day including a total ISK figure. If I want, I can see everything a particular individual ever bought from me.
  • Historical buys: I can see everything I bought from Jita in the last month, which I refer to when setting sell prices.
  • Graph porn: The Tracker graph neatly summarizes the total holdings of all accounts, broken down by assets, wallet balance, market orders, contracts, escrows, etc., and displays my progress over time.

What jEveAssets is not:

  • It is not EVE ISK per Hour. This tool does not hold your hand. It will not recommend any actions or tell you where the best money is to be found.
  • It is not an industry tool like