jEveAssets 7.9.0 (2024-05-23)

Is there a way to reset the programm and import my listed accounts from a file? Maybe my jeveassets is just messed up in its own way :wink:

I can’t wrap my head around this bug. :confused:

What I would really like to do, is have a look at your profile file:

  1. You can find the file in the profiles directory
  2. The active profile will have # infront of the name and end in .xml
    Example: #Default.xml
  3. Send the file to my email (maybe zip it first, it compress really well). You can find my email on the wiki

To reset jEveAssets do the following:
:warning: This will remove your history for market orders/journal/transactions

  1. Close all instances of jEveAssets
  2. Go to the profiles directory
  3. rename profiles directory to something like old profiles (better to have a backup than delete the directory)
  4. When you start jEveAssets again, you can add your accounts again

There is no guarantee this will work, as I have no clue why this is happening, but, you will have your backups if I find a way to resolve the problem



email sent and also did the reset and added my corp-ESI again…but still double-entries.


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jEveAssets 5.0.1 released

New Feature:
-Added EveMarketer to lookup menu

Bug Fixes:
-Ignore trained skill
-Missing names (again and again)
-Manually close ESI orders when they’re removed from the return (Workaround)
-Contract Items and Assets incorrectly marked as BPO (Workaround)
-Orders have wrong owner (when both character and corporation order is present)
-Better handling of headless Java
-Workaround for Desktop.browse
-Fixed another issue with adding ESI accounts
-Duplicate assets
-Possible fix for errors when updating ESI Contract Items
-Possible fix for 502 in ESI Structure endpoint



Sadly 502 not fixed, but thanks for your awesome effort and support.

ESI > Structures > XXX
Error Code: 502

Duplicates are indeed fixed <3

Can I help you with anything (files, datadumps or anything except java-programing)?

Yerh, I tried to fix it, but, didn’t have to time to properly test it, as I wanted to release the fix for assets duplicates ASAP. I will look into it again, today.
Again, thank you for helping me fix the assets bug :slight_smile:

Forgot to answer the help question.
If you would like to help tests development builds, that would be a great help. If you agree I can send you dev builds when I need something tested

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Did the latest release fix the contract items update?

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I posted a week or two ago about your active ship not appearing in the assets. The assets now seem to show all of the fitted mods on the active ship so could the ship location endpoint but used to get the active ship type (with a dedupe it if it’s in assets using the ship id)?

I’m waiting for decision to be made on the issue I linked earlier.
When a decision have been made, I will try to work around it the best way possible.
But, I do not want to do it before I’m sure it’s not wasted effort.
I hope that is acceptable.

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Makes sense man, thank you for the update. Now that assets are appearing, it is a lot less painful as single ships are easy to add back in when calculating net worth


It will be fixed in the next release, that I hope to release within a couple of days.

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jEveAssets 5.0.2 released

New Feature:
-Now shows an animation while doing lengthy tasks

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed CtD when changing profile
-Fixed a few bugs related to price updates (BugID: 559, 558)
-Possible fix for XML loading bugs (BugID: 548, 564, 563)
-Fixed contracts NPE (BugID: 561, 557, 561, 560)
-Fixed ESI corporation contract items update failure (BugID: 555, 565)
-Fixed ESI structure update failure
-Could not reset user locations

-Now mark ESI market orders no longer in the return as Unknown
-ESI Structure updates have been move to Its own update window

-Increased the maximum log size
-Updated EveAPI library to 7.0.2
-Updated Pricing library 1.8.0
-Update jmemory to 3.0.0


One of the engineering complexes I have assets in gets listed as “Unknown Location #xxxxxxxx”, any suggestions what I can do to get it listed properly? I’ve done “Update => Structures” without seeing any difference. Does the structure perhaps need to be registered somewhere/in some way?

You have two options:

  1. Add it to public citadel api jEveAssets uses: The Great Structure Hunt
    • This will make the location known to everyone who use the API.
    • It can take up to 3 hours in the worst case scenario before the location appears in jEveAssets
  2. Change the name in jEveAssets:
    • Right click any item in the assets list with the unknown location
    • Select: Locations > Edit
    • Enter the name and press OK
    • Select the solar system and press OK
    • The set name and system will now be used everywhere in jEveAssets, instead of [Unknown Location 123456789]

I will like to add, that if you have docking access to the structure it should be resolved by running the structure update, if it’s not, it may be a bug. You’re more than welcome to send me a bug report via email and I will look into it. (my email is on the wiki)


Bug report sent; many thanks for looking into this

I’ll await fixing this per your suggestions, in case you need a bugfix tested :slight_smile:

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Wow, what an awesome little application! The filtering options on assets are just in a different league from anything out there.

I really love the stockpile idea too. As a corp owner that needs to set up many ships for corpies, this is a life saver.

I have a question though on building a stockpile from fittings:
Lets say I want a stockpile for 10x Tristan fits and 5x Cormorant fits - how do I do this?

I can build a stockpile using EFT format for the Tristan and the Cormorant - but then it’s two different stockpiles.

Let’s say I have 10x 5mn MWDs in my heap of modules, then each stockpile will think it has enough, but combined it’s not so.

Even creating a new stockpile and copying the two stockpiles items into that, I can now only choose 5x or 10x for the new combined stockpile (but I only want 5 of the one and 10 of the other).

Am I being daft and missing something easy?

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You can use the shopping list for this. When clicking the shopping list button on the toolbar you can select more than one stockpile.

The other option is to change the count for each item in the combined stockpile to the proportions you need (in your example 1/2).
So if both need the same afterburner the count needs to be 3 with multiplier 5 or simply set it to 15 with multiplier 1


Thank you for the awesome level of support you’re putting into the program!

  1. Character Migration:
    a) Do I need to migrate each character individually, or is there a way to migrate all chars on an account at the same time?

b) After all the chars on an account are migrated is it safe to delete the old account?

c) You might consider a tool tip on the “Account can be migrated to ESI” to explain the migration steps.

  1. Missing Assets - I know I had a sub-capital ship that I cannot find in jEveAssets. Are there any known instances where assets can be hidden? (You mentioned docked supers above)

    – nm: I found my ship in a corporate hanger


  1. Character Migration:
    a) You need to migrate each account individually. You can migrate all the characters on a account at the same time
    b) Yes, the migration copy the history data from the XML account to the ESI account, so, once it’s migrated it can safely be deleted without any lose of data.
    c) Once you press the migration button, the steps should be explained, any suggestions to improve the text would be most welcome, I’m not good at writing stuff like that.
  2. Missing Assets: Only assets that will be missing is your active ship if it’s in space, if you find anything else missing, please, let me know ASAP.

Thank you for your feedback

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