Kestrel - Tech 1 - PVP Voting Poll

Hello! This thread is the voting poll for the Coercer fit that will be used for the community fittings. Voting will take place over the following week, and at the end, the one with the most votes will be put in game for everyone to use. The thread were the fits can be viewed is here. Thank you!

  • Sophia Ban’ki’s Kestrel (Version 1)
  • Sophia Ban’ki’s Kestrel (Version 2)
  • MrAktilos MrAktilos’s Kestrel
  • Atom Deathstroke’s Kestrel
  • Merrick Tolkien’s Kestrel
  • Hooligan Anstian’s Kestrel

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i don’t understand why these are jsut being called “PVP” like what kindof PVP its super important, a scram kite kestral is gonna be garbage for nullsec but very strong and much better in FW plexes, seems kindof silly just having “PVP”


Agreed, they will definitely need names like Brawler, kiter, etc. Ideally you’d have at least two fits make it in game, probably MrAktilos’s dual web fit and then a kite version, both named accordingly

I think the idea was to provide a single “general” fit for someone who knows very little about PvP- just to get them started.

I would imagine that most Corp/fleet PvP will offer fits specific to their needs- in which case, you should use what’s recommended through that avenue.

Gah, who else stupidly clicked the first one thinking it would show the fit? How much is the Reading Comprehension skillbook?

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If you click hide results you can recast your vote until the poll is locked afaik