Kiith Paktu - NulSec Sov, PvP, PvE, Industrial - [BL0B Alliance] :tripletsparrot:

We wants all da shippssss!!!

Don’t be afraid of NulSec or Wormholes ever again! We teach you what you need to know so you have a blast making ISK and doing it your way!

Lost and don’t know where to go? Sitting in station and ship spinning? Kiith Paktu helps you figure out a direction to take and guides you to success!

Nice people here :slight_smile:


We are looking for pilots in all time zones and all types of careers! Come say hi in game!

Come do the new EOM Events with us! \o/

We are growing steadily and with quality pilots! Join the activity on all time zones for all careers in EvE!


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We’ve really been growing in our EU and AU TZ’s to match our US TZ activity. Come check us out!

We’re a very well organized group and growing in numbers exponentially!

We are always on the lookout for Returning Pilots and specialize in getting you your space legs back!

Wanna get out of Highsec and make 4x the ISK? Full infrastructure of citadels for Moon Mining, Industry, Production, and Nulsec Market Hubs. AND we ship all your assets out to your new home for you! Then there’s BuyBack in place so you never have to leave! :heart:

Stop wasting time with HighSec!


Im returning to game after 6 years away, Kiith Paktu has been very accommodating and helpfull as I relearn the game. Fleets are regular and the content the FC’s provide is fantastic. Great group of people from all across the globe.

Looking forward to flying with you.

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Start making Space ISK and JOIN!


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Give us a holla, cause we be ballahs!