Kiith Paktu - Your ONLINE FAMILY during the Pandemic! (part of AARP Alliance/Legacy Coalition)

We’re a Family of Skilled Pilots that PUSH each other to success. Founded on Community Principles providing a knowledgeable environment for pilots to interactively bond together; Kiith Paktu makes Eve Gameplay far more exciting to log-in to, doing what we love together…

…Internet Spaceships. :heart:

Full Access 0.0 Group complete with our own Sov-Systems and Structures, and bolstered by a High Sec Sister Alliance designed for our constant NUL SEC and WORMHOLE space operations.

Looking for all ‘Careers’ NEW and VETERAN Pilots;

:diamonds:PvE Ratting/DED’s/Escalations/Missions

:diamonds:PvP Solo/Small Gang/Fleets complete with intel Channels and Comms.

:diamonds:Exploration Cosmic/Ghost/Sleeper Anomalies

:diamonds:Miners for our Active Moons/Fields/Cosmics.

:diamonds:Manufacturers/Researchers to utilize In-Space Structure slots running.

Interested in becoming something more? Contact any of our recruiters and wave in our public channel “PAKTU PUB”. We RESPOND promptly!