Knight of the posing meat [FETID]


(Luna -Llena) #1

EU Lowsec pirate Corporation are now looking for new members young and old, We’re also a part of SNUFFED OUT Alliance!.

We are looking for pilots who want to live in low-sec and be part of a dynamic group of meme rangaling pirates.
You’ll need to meet some of our requirements but don’t worry to much they’re not massively out of reach!.


  1. Be active and willing to participate in pvp.
  2. You need to be able to be self sufficient in making ISK.
  3. Have the ability to get on TeamSpeak.
  4. Have had experience in being an F1 Monkey.
  5. Dread Alt is Required.
    Do not worry if you can’t use it fully as long as you can sit in it and are training to use one, You
    must also have proof you have or are currently training one
  6. Must be able to fly our wide range of doctrine ships.
    Not all doctrine ships are required but some are more focused over others.

We have no mini SP requirements but pilot that don’t meet some of the requirements will be turnt away.

If you feel you can put up with dank meme’s, ganking miners, dealing with the “special” members of our corp then join our Public Chat and look out for our recruiters o7.

Public Channel: “Knights of the Posing Meat”

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(Xyno) #3

Dank corporation, such people, much wow

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