Kondemned Kompanions. NPC 0.0 PVP. Small Gang | BLOPS | Roams/Camps

Kondemned Kompanions is a corporation based in NPC null sec based in the Curse region.

We are looking for experienced PVP pilots who willing to work as a tight knit group together with their corpmates, love to PVP and have fun, and aren’t afraid to try new things.

Our leadership is experienced, active, and most importantly clear and transparent. We give clear and achievable goals to our members and do our best to make sure the members suceed. If the members aren’t doing well, the corporation isn’t doing well.

------Benefits and Expectations-----------
-Easy access to PVP
-ISK making oppurtunities
-Small gang/blops/guerrilla tactics
-Auth/TS3/Discord usage required
-Fleet particpation
-Working mic
-Mature and team player mindset
-Alphas/New bro welcome

To join pm or mail me in game, stop by our in game channel “Kondemned Kompanions”, or stop by our discord https://discord.gg/Ccp9Fwj

Daily bump! We are still looking for pilots!

Looking for pilots to join our ranks!

Still looking for PVPers. Bitter vets are welcome as well as alphas. Don’t wait to be something great.

Still looking for members! Check us out! We’re not that bad!

Looking for members! We’re growing, and we’re having fun! Be apart of it!

Still searching for members. Check us out!

Looking for members to join our ranks! Don’t be afraid to take a chance!

Still searching for members to fill our ranks! PVP, Fun and a great time!

Still looking for members! EU and US TZ!

Where you guys based out of? We are looking for active pvp/indy groups near us to work with.

We recently made the move to NPC space in Curse. If you’re interested convo me in game.

Still looking for members. Make ISK. PVP. Check us out!

Corporation recruitment is still open! Live in Curse. Easy access PVP. Make ISK! Come find out how!

Recruitment still open! Get your Pew on!

Recruitment still open! Check us out!

Looking for members! Come pew

Still looking for pilots to fight and live with us in Curse.

Still looking for pilots!

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