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I started playing EVE about 2-3 years ago but never really got into it until recently (past week or so), I’ve enjoyed my progress through the “Epic” stuff, but I’m looking to get a bit more focused on the PvP side of things too, what are the requirements for joining your Corp?

I’ve managed to get myself a “fully kitted” destroyer class ship, I have no issue with currently fending off around 10 PvE ships at a time and coming out with 0% damage, I’m active most days but sometimes I’m unable to play (due to children).

P.S. Your logo is awesome. :slight_smile:

Hey @Kerrtarna_Charante

These are the main things we look out for. Generally new players have pretty poor retention in our corporation (well, and across EVE Online), but we’ve had some successes in the past.

This one time, bear asked me to come play in his hole, so i did then he touched me in a area that made his corp mates crazy, then he “blew” me up. The end!

Id be interested, I joined your discord. Lets chat

Nice, just shoot me a DM!

Shot you an in game message

Stop by our Discord!


Veteran EVE player that is interested in returning to the game. I’ve went through several characters in game, but before I left last time I liquidated the SP off of my main and kind of have an identity crisis… Anyways… Currently sitting 86m SP on this toon but I have several alts with anywhere between 1m-30m sp, including scanning alts, indy alts, and pvp support alts.

I love lasers. I love the zealot. I love lasers on the zealot. Other ships that interest me are the triglavs, in which I have lvl 5 in BC and BS (on 2 different toons). I have been mainly a PVP pilot for most of my eve time.

Right now I am alpha, but looking around for a good group before I commit to coming back Omega and would like the chance to talk to you guys.

Hey man, if you’re USTZ you can drop by our Discord and we can have a chat. Link in the main post.

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Recruitment open?

Yep, always selectively open!


@BearThatCares If you do not mind, can you send me your Discord Channel. Maybe have a visit sometime, chat up some WH related stuff? In game or here, is fine with me.

Thank you and hope to hear from you,

WHSOC Executive Council

It’s linked in the post, bud :slight_smile: Would rather you just DM me from Praisebob, though.

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hey are you guys in the thera area … and do any of your pilots fly with BB?