Kybernauts a PvP focused corp in Pochven is open for recruitment!

Who we are
We are “THE OG” Triglavian group. We are a group of new and veteran players of EVE Online. We are an objective-driven alliance with the goal of healthy alliance culture, and PVP-focused goals. No space is out of our reach for content.

What is Pochven?
No Caps, No Cynos, it is a sub-cap PvP haven. We have a red skybox that reflects the murderous rage in our hearts. Pochven is a mix of null-sec and wormhole space. No local, but it has gates.

What We Offer:
:small_red_triangle:Small and Medium Gang PvP (5, 15 to 25+ man fleets)
:small_red_triangle:Small blue list - This means more content for you!
:small_red_triangle:Friendly Supportive Community
:small_red_triangle:Ship Replacement Program (SRP)
:small_red_triangle:0% POCO taxes (Pochven has some of the best PI in the game)
:small_red_triangle:Gatecamps, Roams, Observatory Flashpoint fleets, and many others go out weekly.
:small_red_triangle:outside Pochven content like ESS, WH defenses/sieges, Low/Null Sec roams, Faction Warfare, and more

What We Expect:
:small_red_triangle:Omega Status :small_red_triangle: Be on comms with a working mic
:small_red_triangle: Submit to ESI check
:small_red_triangle: Be Mature and Respectful

Why Kyber?
Kybernauts Clade alliance has meticulously crafted a robust cultural foundation centered around camaraderie and stable leadership over the years. We elevate individuals who express a passion for content creation and serving fellow members. Our leadership abides by a commitment to fun and objective-driven gameplay, steering clear of power trips and ISK grabs. Every tax you contribute goes back into the alliance for SRP and free ships. Collaborating with groups across New Eden, we adopt a “Who asks us first for help gets us first” approach to content. In the most challenging space CCP has devised, we may not be zkill warriors, but we consistently strive to emerge victorious in the battles we undertake, all while enjoying the experience.

How to Join
join our in-game channel “Kybernauts” or join our Discord to speak with a recruiter.

Recruitment is still open. Come find wealth and glory in wonderful Pochven!

Ignore the baseless, EDENCOM propaganda. Fight alongside the Triglavians; Become a Kybernaut Today!

Do you have a fondness for three sided shapes? Then, we are the group for you! Join Today!

Tired of running level 4 missions? Sick of mining just veldspar? Come to Pochven! Try out something new!

Recruitment is still open!

Do you fancy yourself a salvager? Come to pochven and loot the Edencom wreckage fields!


recruitment still open