Kybernauts Clade is recruiting both Old and New

Kybernauts Clade is currently recruiting.

We are the OG Triglavian group and the only one currently living in Pochven. We’re a chill group primarily in the US TZ with smaller EU/AU members looking to grow our numbers and share our wisdom with others.

What we offer:
-Small Gang PvP. Usually cheaper ships, this is a prime opportunity to learn both PvP and fleet mechanics
-Blops Fleets. For our members with more skillpoints, we offer blops fleets at least once a week. T3C/Bomber skills preferential.
-Pochven Content. As one of the most lucrative areas in New Eden, we can show you how to make the most of living in “Space Hell”. From Mining to Flashpoint Fleets, theres no shortage of ways to make money.
-A close knit group of friends. We realize real life comes first, and all share a passion for Eve that bond us together in ways that extend beyond New Eden

What we require:
-Mature Mindsets. 18+ isnt required but insulting others, harassment or discrimination is not tolerated.
-Comms. Voice comms are required. Mics are not required but are strongly recommended. We use discord. Link provided below.
-Participation. We get it. RL always comes first. Barring that, we do have a 5 fleet a month requirement. Several fleets are run per week so getting 5 isnt difficult.
-Basic knowledge of Eve Mechanics. Eve has a steep learning curve, and Pochven is not a walk in the park even for veterans. We can teach you, but self sufficiency to a degree is always a plus.

If youre lookig for a decent group to fly with, laid back environment, and good stories, cone check us out.
Mail Nicholas Kondur or Datan Aideron in game or come visit our discord. Kybernauts Clade

Fly safe o7
N. Kondur
Kybernauts Clade

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