[L0G0F] League 0f Grumpy 0ld Farts is Recruiting Corps

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Opportunities continue for additional corporations, you a war refugee corp? what about a high sec corp looking for better isk earning, or just a corp looking for a change, well we are the place for you. Hit us up in L0G0F Lobby and talk to a recruiter… if one is not online (or is AFK) just chat tot he other members in there, they can fill you in on what we are about.


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Bumping again…

Still recruiting corps, plenty of space to stretch out and make isk, plenty of targets nearby for pvp. Something for everyone here.

Another daily bump, lookinf for one or two more corps in USTZ and EUTZ. Of course Aussies and Kiwi’s always welcome since that is our heritage :slight_smile:

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