League of Gentlemen is recruiting! Looking for PVP/PVE/Indy players! We're a well established null sec corp looking for some new blood!

Wow what a few months we have had. Loads of PVP, win some, lose some, its all good fun and experiance.
We are now safely back home to Fountain and looking forward to dusting off our toys, digging out the mining barges and loading up the core scan probes.

Drop by LOG Pub today to find out more :slight_smile:

Drum roll please!

Recruitment is OPEN!

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Great group! Check us out.

Come join a great corp and alliance with lots of content from all aspect of the game to enjoy!!

Recruitment is open, drop by LOG Pub today to find out more about the corp.

I went to your discord and was hoping to learn more and possibly join. However, Temptress Truborn called me a spy and kicked me out of the discord channel. I’m genuinely a returning player starting over because I never played the game enough to be anything but a newbie just trying to find a corp to run with and learn from. I didn’t expect to be treated like that.

From time to time people will be get rejected quite sharply from any recruitment process.
As soon as a perspective member arrives in our Discord or in-game channels, checks start.

There are multi red flags, any one of which would make recruiters consider seemingly innocent players as spies. No risks are taken, we like to have new members, but not to the detriment of the corp.

We will never know if this person was genuine or not. But then if they were a good spy, we would never know then either…

In this instance, more than one flag was found very quickly and, EVE being the game it is, the process was terminated in rapid fashion.

Is it paranoia, yes indeed, but much like in real life, (unless through copious substance abuse) paranoia and cynicism are born from experience :slight_smile:

Do we always get it right no, but the corp is still around after nearly 20 years so we must get it right more often than not :crazy_face:

Don’t be put off from applying, we do want to believe the good in everyone and genuine people will find LOG a fantastic home where we go the extra mile for each other, but if we see red flags, do not be surprised if the recruitment process is ended quickly.

Anyone else super excited for patch day??!!
Navy this, faction that!

Looking forward to new things to explode :crazy_face:

Did someone say Weekend!
Yes it certainly is, drop by log pub this weekend to find out about the corp and our march into 2023 through the Uprising expansion. :metal:

iconic music

If you have a problem, and you don’t know who to call, maybe you should try… well the A-Team obviously, I put a nail through a heating pipe last week, I would not trust me, or our corp with an ark welder and sticky tape on-board your Imicus.

Drop by log pub to find out more about our space adventures :+1:

All those creative ways to not say bump. You are great at this Merrick!

Recruiment has been going well over the last two weeks, we welcomed 3 new USTZ members and have a returning 4th.

We must be doing something right… and CCP is helping as well with the Uprising update. Theses Navy dreads and new faction warfare changes have people intrested :slight_smile:

Drop by log pub today to find out more :slight_smile:

Recruiment still open, willing victims or dragged and screaming, we will take you in :japanese_ogre:

LOG, along with INIT, have been having some fun in FW since the new mechanics where introduced. Its proving to be fun and rewarding, whilst also doing our usual null sec game play.

If you like explosions, the Gallente way of life, nullsec moons and more, drop by LOG Pub today.

Temps jixed me! I can’t think of anything inspiring tonight. Feeling a little like Marvin the parnoid android.