Let Us War Against the Sovereign stranglehold! Join the United Citizens of Allsec Space!

If you have played EVE for any amount of time, you have felt the tight grasp of the coalitions.

New Eden is under the constant control of the coalitions and their selfish demands. Fly their ships, their way, and in their space. Join a coalition or barely exist with whatever table scraps you can find; be either in highsec space with small rewards or bury yourself in a wormhole and hide forever. Entire regions of space locked away from your enjoyment because you aren’t a mindless drone under their control. To them, you are just another body to throw at their problems.

The time of the sovereign coalitions needs to end. The only way this can happen is if we work together.

Attention, pilots from all sectors of New Eden! A new era of EVE Online is beginning.

The Era of the United Citizens of Allsec Space!

This new organization has one main objective: To bring war against all coalitions to free all sectors of New Eden from their tyranny for all players to enjoy. No matter what your preferred way to play EVE Online, there is a place for you, future citizen, among the UCoAS.

Becoming a citizen of this new faction gives you something that no other corporation, alliance or coalitions provides.


The UCoAS works with you to provide extra tasks and directives that supplement your EVE Online experience, not dictate it. Think of it as a new fifth faction that is a player-run corporation that provides loose mission objectives in your chosen professions and play-type. Miners, industrialists, business executives, pirates, wormholers, explorers, and more; you can still have the freedom to play the way you want. Your progress and your growth will help fuel the new United era of Eve Online. The UCoAS will send you in-game mail with an outline objective for you to complete at your leisure.

Depending on the size of the task, you can earn a little extra ISK for your efforts in supporting the cause.

Other features of being a registered citizen of the UCoAS:

  • No flight doctrines. You fly the ships you want to fly.
  • No skill point requirements.
  • You can choose to live in any region of space. The Allsec! There are no home base requirements.

Future features:

  • A new market will be created that only registered citizens can use. We will choke out financial dependence on the coalitions for products and resources.
  • Being part of the greatest war in EVE history! See below!

Current Requirements:

  • A combat-ready ship of your choosing. There will be days where we will have to band together and protect the new way of life. You will need a ship ready to hear that call. No doctrine requirements.

Attention PVP players:

The United Citizens of Allsec Space needs your worst, most vile, most sadist, most dangerous playstyles in all of EVE. If you like to grief hard and rack up killmail, the UCoAS wants you! We will be going to war with all coalitions and tear down the blue donut. We will become a plague against everyone who supports their way of life. If you become a citizen of UCoAS, you will be at war with anyone on these maps: Sovereign Space Maps.

Every member of every alliance and coalition that isn’t the United Citizens of Allsec Space is your enemy. Treat every single one of them as red. If you love PVP, this is the place for you.

Hound their gates, destroy their mining operations, and blow up their deliveries. Make being in a coalition a living nightmare for them.

You will be expected to make goons look like carebears.

The only people who are not to be touched are other members of the UCoAS. They will be building your ships, forging your ammunition, and fueling your griefing habits.

You want to play EVE on hard mode?

You want the most difficult opponent?

I’m giving it to you. Our enemy is the sovereign coalitions. We will burn and pillage all of their “space” and take it back for the future of EVE Online.

This is the beginning. Which side of history do you want to be on?

The mindless masses of a broken system? A passive ship-spinner hiding in a wormhole? Or someone contributing into saving this game?

The choice is clear.

Become a registered citizen of the United Citizens of Allsec Space.

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