[Lifeblood] Pirate Forward Operating Bases (Guristas, Blood Raiders)

They are not being soloed, the people claiming to solo them are no doubt using a crapton of logi alts they conveniently don’t mention.

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We’re talking about the guy who wanted them adjusted to be soloed

As an Incursion Pilot myself the thought of charging around in Fleet with the crew, blapping baddies, is clearly gonna get my attention.

Incursions pay mega-well, but that also get mega-boring for content real quick ( as you know what is coming all the time ).

There is more to this game than Repetition and boredom. Hence why so many people left incursions, and why they felt that Incursions were broken.

So to take my ISK and spend it on a decent T1, link up with my crew, and go chase some Blood-Raiders or Guristas invaders ( possibly involving Police skins ) is gonna be fun.

Make the drops interesting, and make the ‘bounty’ a reasonable pay-out ( incursion pilots are rarely poor ), and you’ll have some fun action akin to Low-Sec sites in Battleships; but without the risk of gankers stopping your play ( usual High-Sec disclaimers apply ).


I can see this expansion working well.


It would be a good idea for the Locals to report these new bases to The Agency when they spot them, or us Incursion Crews might not know where they are.


Like a Low-Sec roam on your day off this looks like it’ll be fun :slight_smile:

As I don’t have enough friends I plan on reporting these. Problem is I live in Sansha rat space of Amarr and not Blood Raider. Will have to see if any spawn.

They spawn all over high sec.

Help out today.

So next time I’m headed to Amarr to sell some t1 cruisers, I may be “challenged” by a BLOBB of very angry Blood Raiders or Guristas Pirates whom bring their own fax logi and stuff.
That sounds more like “entertainment value” for CCP than I.

Anyone know where any of these are on SISI currently?

My first guess would be Amarr and Caldari space and nullsec.

Спасибо ССР за интересный контент, жаль что награда слишком маленькая. Один раз уничтожить FOB можно, но заниматься этим постоянно не выгодно. Мне понравилось и моим друзьям тоже.
К сожалению многие игроки предпочитают болие выгодное, для кошелька, занятия в eve.

So do we know what the reward from these sites is at the moment?

I think nobody cares … but looks like some worthless Upwell faction modules plus a bit of ISK.

The worthless Upwell modules is true, but the bounty is 800m divided over the entire fleet. So this could be quite profitable, also, it’s more engaging content than running incursions or ratting in nullsec.

Is it just me or are these npc’s that the FOB spawns that go around shooting at people marked white and thus unable to be fired back at when they start shooting you if your safety is set to green?

Feels like a massive ****up that “Hey. We know they’re trying to blow you up right now but we’d like to inform you that this action can have issues. Sorry your ship is already exploding.”

I can be wrong but the probability of a 100% loss of my boat does not equal “engaging content”, it is the opposite.

CCP did not comprehend the first time, so I am writing it down a second time.

Nobody tells me what to do at any given time. I decide what I may or may not do, not your silly and unkillable blobbs of incompetence and it will not “persuade” me to buy your silly plex.

Get this CCP, you are mistaken.

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I seriously disagree with this, since I’m just starting out mining, and as such don’t have many contacts in EVE. The pirates hunting me in highsec means that they always kill my miners in highsec, which makes it damn-near unprofitable for me to mine. In fact it’s worse than CODE, since with CODE I can see when they’re in-system. They’re also always marked as peaceful, and friendly on grid, and I always get a warning for attacking them when they’re already attacking me. Also, I don’t seem to get the normal warnings when they’re attacking my ship’s shield, and when they’re eating into my armor. When I finally get alerted to the fact that I’m being attacked by the supposedly friendly npcs which are Concord blue, it’s too late as I can’t warp out in time.

As it is, I’ve already lost a fully fitted Hulk (my alt), a fully fitted stratios (though that’s to do more with stupidity from attacking the npc miner portion and not warping off in time),and three ‘augmented’ mining drones (my main). Since highsec ore doesn’t go for that much, it’s starting to look like a serious net loss for highsec miners, which takes the fun out of this game for me. I play to relax, not have mini heart-attacks from pve when I didn’t want to do any pvp. That equates to having lost almost a billion from unprovoked npc attacks in highsec, and considering that my alt’s omega state renewal is in a few days and my main’s not far off, it looks like I just won’t be able to first make enough for the renewal, and after not be able to mine effectively with the alt which wastes the point of paying for that alt or using it in the first place. If the losses continue (for the mining drone point, it looks as if they pop as soon as the npcs warp to the belt, and even if you’re hugging 'roids you can’t recall them fast enough to not lose any.) then it looks like mining in highsec simply wouldn’t be worth it, even for the normally relaxing quality since it no longer offers that.

As it stands, highsec became high risk mining with little reward. If I wanted high risk mining, I’d do that in low/nullsec, and if I wanted mini heart attacks from the inability to be forewarned of enemies in the area, I’d mine in a wormhole. At least then I’d have a high reward for the equal risk, just the only reason why I don’t do that is that it’s not fun for me, and it certaintly isn’t relaxing.

If I want pve I’ll take my stratios into a wormhole and farm sleepers, go belt ratting in 00, or do combat sites, not mine asteroids in my orca and hulk.

Considering that according to Steam I’ve already spent nearly $300 USD in this game, I’m very reluctant to stop playing, but with the recent addition of high-level blue-tagged npc pirates hunting you in highsec and high losses from it, I’m considering no longer playing.

Don’t get me wrong, the FOBs are a good idea for people that like pve and maybe do that for a ‘living’, but sending 4 one-hundred thousand isk bounty level cruisers to hunt you down no matter where you go in system really needs to be looked at, especially since isk has a conversion to real world money. A mining barge and especially an exhumer should be able to swat the hunting squad aside from having level 1 defensive drones on grid, even if it’d get down to maybe 20% armor without input from the player.

Now, having written all of this, I just now realize that this is written specifically for the lifeblood server, and not Tranquility. :cry:

Awe, well, I’m just a humble miner anyway. At least for now… Hopefully later, too.

Lifeblood server?

Man did you ever pick the right character name…

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I’m going to save any commentary on your highly suboptimal strategy to earn a PLEX for your additional account by AFK highsec mining in a Hulk and try to focus on the topic at hand since you seem to need some advice.

There are 1212 systems in highsec and these FOBs only spawn in a small fraction of them. They also show up on dscan and can be easily detected by combat probes. Sure, you might get unlucky and have one spawn in your system and attack you after you start mining, but likely these guys don’t instantly start roaming the system and you will have plenty of warning if you pay attention to your scanning.

Further, at least as of now they only seem to spawn in Blood Raider and Guristas space. That means there are systems where they should never be present at all.

There are other strategies one can imagine where you actually defend your mining ship, but given you can just avoid and/or evade them with a small amount of attention, I won’t bother with them here. Just treat them as mini-incursions that don’t have a chat channel but you have to scan for to see if they are present, and move if you don’t want to deal with them like you already do when an Incursions shows up in your system.

Oh, and there is only one server, at least only one worth mentioning in this discussion. We all play on Tranquillity and Lifeblood was just the name of the expansion to the game that was released last month. Everyone gets the benefits, and drawbacks, of these upgraded NPCs as this game is suppose to work.


If you think a Hulk can launch combat probes, AND think that mining doesn’t work, not to mention the tone of your first paragraph… Perhaps you should actually read the post another time or two, before considering a reply, it seems to have evaded you

This stuff is as bad as the NPC miners wiping out most of the belts before the USA sits down to play. That is overkill too, shoot an NPC a couple of times to get them to leave and find a fleet of 20 ships with a battleship leading flaming in, I haven’t seen a mining system yet that has enough around to take that force on. At least you can run then, but this new idea doesn’t sound that nice

Come now. If you are using a Hulk, a fleet ship, you can just get the Orca to fit probes. And if not, it only takes less than a minute to undock in a scanning frigate, deploy probes at maximum range and see if there is a FOB in the system. Heck, it only takes 1 second to use your dscan which will also show them if they are within 14AU.

You are acting like spending a minute or two to scout the system is a completely intolerable thing for CCP to ask you to do to ensure your safety.

Buck up man! This is a game and these new NPCs are there to make it more interesting. Accept it is the small bit of uncertainty and minor challenge it is meant to be and make dealing with it part of your routine.

I think you’ll find it isn’t especially difficult to avoid these guys.