Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Button to remove booster effects
Keywords: Boosters, Station UI, Med Bay, Booster rolling
Note: Change 4 actions to 1

Add a button in station/citadel UI that allows to remove booster effects for a fee
Station/Citadel should have a Cloning service

Currently it’s possible to remove booster effect by creating jump-clone on citadel and jumping back and forth (leave ship - jump - jump - board ship)
I suggest to change this 4 actions to 1 (push the button!!!)

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Suggestion: Colored Neocom Icons
Keywords: Icons, UI, NPE
Note: Like we see in all modern design, a combination of simple icons and different colors are used to indicate certain functionalitys, they help the brain to recognize things.

This would massively help new players to learn the UI and improve the client usability for everyone - the red dot shouldn’t be the only colorful thing

Lets compare some commonly visible icons to see how easy they are to differentiate:
Bildschirmfoto vom 2020-08-20 11-03-46 Bildschirmfoto vom 2020-08-20 11-04-10 Bildschirmfoto vom 2020-08-20 11-08-02 Bildschirmfoto vom 2020-08-20 11-09-58 Bildschirmfoto vom 2020-08-20 11-24-07

exefile_2020-08-24_19-52-06 exefile_2020-08-24_19-46-45 exefile_2020-08-24_19-52-47

exefile_2020-08-24_19-48-30 exefile_2020-08-24_19-48-42

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Some of these icons may be/are joined in underlying functionality. So the icons are naturally obsoleted.

Suggestion: You should be able to create labels when you add characters as contacts.
Keywords: UI, contacts, people and places, contact creation
Notes: It is too cumbersome to create a contact, then go to PP, create a label, search for the previously made contact and try to assign the label via right click or drag’n’drop.


Suggestion: “Deliver All Jobs” in the Industry window should not tell you that it cannot deliver out of control range jobs; it should ask me if I want to deliver the Jobs that are in range.
Keywords: UI, industry window, range, deliver all
Notes: I just tried to deliver industry jobs. There were 20 out of my control range and 30 within my control range. Since the OOCR came before the ones ICR, the game just gave me the notification that I cannot deliver any jobs because they are out of range. This is not intuitive and only creates more busywork.


Suggestion: make the game stop skipping input sometimes.

When I select two boosters, right clicking, and left clicking on “Consume”, I expect the boosters to be consumed. Instead of game thinking that I make too much input per time frame and skipping some of it.

Those neocom (and station panel) icons used to be more colorful years ago… they spruced them up but made them very monotone at the same time.

Suggestion: Allow contracting between corp wallet divisions.
Currently if I’m building using wallet A, and selling using wallet B, I need to contract it out of corp wallet A to a character, then back in to corp wallet B from them. This is something I know has been requested a long time ago but never seems to have happened.
Keywords: Contracts, Corporation

Suggestion: Fitting simulator should show EHP everywhere in the Defense section instead of HP.
Keyword: Simulator
Note: Yes, we can convert with some math, but why should we do that instead of the actual in-game tool giving us useful stats?

thank you

Suggestion : allow checking corp market orders on the market window
Keywords: UI, market, marketorders
Notes: If using corp wallet for corp market orders it would be nice to see all the buy and sell orders from my alts. currently I can see that by “Orders” > “corp orders”. UI can change so e.g. current alt has an order for trit which is in blue, alt2 has also a trit order but shows in green.
This so I can see clearer and faster that I dont need to undercut meself

Suggestion: Damaged modules should have a visual indicator in the hangar that shows they are damaged.
Keywords: UI, modules, module damage, heat damage
Notes: I currently look at 2 modules in my hangar that I unfitted because they burnt out. Would be nice if the red dot (or something even better) showed up on those to tell me they are damaged.


Suggestions: Modules in cargohold should be included in the Repair feature.
Keywords: UI, repair service, module repair, cargo
Notes: I just tried to repair modules and had one in cargohold and 1 fitted. The repair service recognized the fitted module but the one in cargo was ignored and I had to move it into Item Hangar.


Remove duplicates, if it’s duplicated, you don’t need it.

Suggestion: Remove the skill point loss for T3 cruiser losses.
Keywords: balancing, T3 cruiser, skill points
Note: makes these ships much more desireable without the need to buff their stats

Are we going to see some of the controls moved from Eve Echoes to Eve Online???

Less clicks would be some much better and more icons when you are docked!

Suggestion: Ammo tooltips show range modifier
Keywords: ammo, tooltip
Note: when I need to change to a different ranged ammo I usually end up doing a show info on random ammo stacks looking for some suitable ammo (very poor memory for names). Would be great if I could just hover the mouse over some ammo to find how optimal/falloff will be affected.

Suggestion : Broadcast target for reps
Keywords : ui
Note : As a logistics pilot a common situation is someone screaming “X needs reps! All reps on X!” Without a broadcast this results in a tedious time consuming search for the pilot in fleet or on grid. It would be really useful to be able broadcast a random target for shield/armor reps, aka “trust me, you may not realize it but you need reps”. The UI already contains a broadcast radial menu with these options currently greyed out for targets.

When you broadcast someone it shows up as a attack. I think you might have a lot of friendly fire.

The developers will go though all 2000 posts and the ones that are not actually little, they will take the time to create tickets for those.


They will ignore those and the idea will never be looked at again.