Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(KarmicOzzie) #227

Instead of locking in the cargo hold, perhaps a “magazine”. A separate hold for ammo, scripts, etc. (Similar to a Drone bay?)

(Alderson Point) #228

Suggestion: Allow deselect all in redeem items window under inventory tab.
Keywords inventory, redeem window, deselect
Note: When one has a large number of items in the redeem queue ie after purchasing content packs and leaving in the redemption queue, to allow “emergency refitting” in hostile space, one has to deselect a large number of items in order to redeem a skin or reward. It is far more practical to log out, and reselect account, redeem the one item, and log back in to access that way, please allow us to stay logged in to redeem an item without carpel tunnel syndrome.

(Dior Ambraelle) #229

Suggestion: make drones and fighters use the skin applied to the controlling ship
Keywords: SKINs, drones, fighters
Note: I know it’s not a big thing and definitely not the most important, but I’m sure there are some people who would like to make the drones/fighters more unique too. The default skin has no such effect, but any applied skin would show on the drones/fighters too.

(Sheebah Severasse) #230

Suggestion: Make the ‘X’ to close a window permanently solid white
Keyword: UI

I spend too much time moving my mouse pointer around trying to find the X to close a window. Especially when windows are overlayed, this is non-trivial.

Can anyone suggest a smaller QoL idea?? Lol

(Aetran Molou) #231

Suggestion: More colour variation on map filters
Keywords: ui, map
Note: Very important for navigation, available with old map

The new map really only has what seems to be three shades of intensity on filters: yellow, orange, and tradehub red.
When doing exploration it’s a lot harder to tell if a given area is safe or not because there is not enough variation in the shade or hue between systems. Bring back the old blue through red maybe?

(Rina Asanari) #232

I’d like to extend on that. Allow for sliders to set mix/max values for the color scale, much like seen with the scan results in PI. More often it’s the tradehubs offsetting the scaling so much that only those stand out on the color scale.

(Rina Asanari) #233

It’s not just ammo/charges that are affected, but items like an MTU or other deployable structures, so this is too broad to have for example charges segregated into a different hold.

Second, splitting the cargohold into smaller units would lead to more wasted space. For example, if you set aside 100 of the 480m³ cargohold of a Vexor and only use, say, 50m³ for ammo, the other 50m³ would be unusable.

For now I think I’ll help myself with using cargo containers. As in, placing the loot in there and keep the readily accessible items (like ammo and scripts) outside of them.

Still, the ability to lock items would be definitely a “nice to have”.

(twoflower Secret) #234

Suggestion: Rework titles in corp settings
Keywords: ui, access
Note: Lots of complaints about it

At least add an option to check what users actually can see. So for example show a corp hangar with a container and simulate a particular user’s view and access. Now I need to add a title to an alt, login and try to see if it was what I intended.

What is missing is a clear view in container right. Not clear when you are allowed to look into a container.

Better totally rework this part of eve (it’s ancient, overly complex and usability is close to zero).

(SarekofVulcan) #235


Ability to copy/paste your jump clone information

Notification that clone services has gone ‘OFFLINE’ in a citadel that you have a jumpclone

A notifier of how many clones are installed in a citadel’s services (maybe even who they are) so you can determine if you need to keep fueling the service

Keywords: QOL


This will help in evepraisal/multi-buy etc

This will let you know when a clone is about to be trapped in a citadel because some oneforgot to fuel the services or just simply didn’t want to, and now you have a billion
isk plus clone stuck :rage:

(KarmicOzzie) #236

Suggestion: Update the Ship Tree to show additional faction ships.

Keywords: Ship Tree, Ship Statistics

Note: The Ship Tree is missing quite a few ships and ship descriptions that probably should exist on the tree, such as the Concord ships.

(Dior Ambraelle) #237

Suggestion: Check and fix the name decals on the ships
Keywords: ships, names, details
Note: The Noctis and the Porpoise has the “Primae” name decal, and the Guristas ships have their original Caldari name tags, except for the Whiptail. Could you fix these please?

(Tragot Gomndor) #238

Suggestion: Reprocessing Plant UI, ability to mark&copy “Output results” window
Keywords: reprocess, refining, ui
Note: Could be nice if you want to use evepraisel on the stuff you refine or reprocess.

(EnternalSoul) #239

Suggestion: Notification for Corp and Alliance standings
Keywords: Standings Corporation
Notes: Notification for Corp and Alliance Standings

(Kenji Noguchi) #240

Suggestion: Add “Buy cheapest here” to right-click menu
Keywords: ui, buy, market
Note: The idea is you click that, and it buys the cheapest market listed item of that type in this station. Useful for market hubs; it saves several clicks.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #241

… this may be one of the best things i have seen in this thread

(elitatwo) #242

Suggestion: Add a pin window option to the fitting screen
Keywords: UX, Ghost fitting
Note: All windows in the EVE client can be pinned or un-pinned. I wish to pin the fitting screen to a fixed location too.

(apollo429) #243

Suggestion: please allow mods to be added to cargo bays in the fitting screen. This would allow us to be able to add multiple fits into cargo when doing multi fit for alliance/coalition contracts

Thatnk you for all your hard work CCP karkur talk to you again on twitter

(Faya Naari) #244

Suggestion: Ability to take Higher Resolution Screenshots
Keywords: Screenshots, Rendering, Gloryshots
Note: 4k Screenshots with normal Displays?

It would be realy nice if it would be possible to have an option, or different Hotkey to take Screenshots in a higher Resolution than the Client is currently running in. This would be super awesome to make the Pictures of everyones Journey in EvE look even more beautiful and also make zoomed in sections less hideous.

An option to double or quadruple the resolution of taken Screenshots would be sweet, having a seperate Hotkey would be godly!

(Tasman Cabrillo) #245

That is the most relevant thing said all year, thank you

(Dior Ambraelle) #246

How about something like this?
Basically the same effect that has on the warp disruptor/scrambler icon, but the color scheme changes to the warp scrambler’s. The a blue glow may be a bit too much though.