Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Show Alpha skill limits to all users
Keywords: UI, skills, alpha

I picked up the recent free Omega on some alpha accounts, so I went to go take advantage of the skill training on those characters. When a character is in Omega state, I don’t see any indication of the Alpha clone training limits. It would be nice to be able to avoid “overtraining” those characters into skill levels they can’t use in their normal Alpha state.

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Theres lists of what the alpha skills are. Just use that

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Suggestion: Ability to set ‘show all brackets’ as default in the overview
Key words: Overview, show all brackets
Note: It currently defaults to ‘selected tab’

I think that (except for very large fleet fights where it might cause some lag?) most people would want to ‘show all brackets’ most of the time (apologies if this is not correct) and have PCs that can handle it.

Currently the overview defaults to ‘selected tab’. Even when you change the setting to ‘show all’ it doesn’t seem to be considered a change to the overview and you cannot save it. So the next time you log in is has defaulted back to ‘selected tab’ again. This means you have to remember to change it each time you play. Perhaps there is a reason for this? To reduce lag? But it is a pain and I often forget, sometimes with explosive consequences :slight_smile:

If there is a way to do this already and someone knows then please share

Suggestion: Filter Blueprints in Industry Window for Skills and Materials Available

Keywords: ui, industry
Note: Useful saving time in industry jobs

When making stuff in the Industry window I would like to filter my blueprints to just those I can use based on my skills and/or materials available in the selected source container. It would save me from having to click through each blueprint.

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Suggestion: Respawn timer on FOBs
Keywords: FOB
Note: FOBs spawning back to back to back to back in the same system is annoying

It would be a great quality of life improvement if once a FOB was defeated in a system, a new one couldn’t spawn there for at least a couple of days. We have recently had runs where we have had five spawn within a period of four days in the same system. Now we have our second one within 24 hours. We try to keep them dead for industrial safety purposes, but really don’t enjoy this mechanic - and definitely don’t enjoy it THIS MUCH, haha.

Suggestion: Jump Ansiblexes Under Route Instead of Just Overview

Keywords: ui, travel
Note: Useful traveling

If you set a destination and have jump bridges selected under route options, you can use the squares that appear under Route on the left to jump from system to system, unless the jump requires an Ansiblex. Then you have to find the Ansiblex in the Overview on the right and use it to jump. I’d like to be able to use the squares on the left to jump regular gates and Ansiblexes.

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Suggestion: keep scanned signatures on relogging and synchronize scanned signatures among corp members
Keywords: scanning, signatures

At first it’s just annoying to have signatures scan status disappear when you just need to relog.
Syncing signatures among corp members will help players to:

  • Organize bookmarks since now it’ll not be necessary to bookmark like every signature and keep only unique ones.
  • Help preventing scanning of what is already scanned by someone else
  • Will make corp projects for scanning more reasonable and without exploits of double scanning

Suggestion: Personal Assets Should Look in Deliveries Hangars and Cargo Bays

Keywords: ui, cargo, search
Note: Useful for finding items without needing to fly to stations

It would be helpful if the Personal Assets search function would search ship bays and deliveries hangars. As it is, you have to individually right-click ships and “View Contents,” and deliveries hangars aren’t searchable at all I’ve been informed deliveries hangars are visible in corp assets view only, which is inconvenient. It would be nice to have ships treated as containers, with drop-down functions for each of them to see what’s in them. Similarly, it would be nice to have drop-downs for the deliveries hangars. (Thank you to Elinore en Divalone for the correction.)

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Deliveries are visible in corp assets view only. One click less to expand containers/bays directly from the assets list would be nice. Especially for search.

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Shared location folders are 100% a thing, and you can easily use them to organize bookmarks. Many groups have folders in their folders to further sort things out.

Everything you want is already available with the currently available in game tools.

Now if we go out of game tools, websites like Pathfinder make all this even easier with even more features.

I think you’re using the system wrong.

You shouldn’t be looking for what you can build, because that’s wasting resources on something you probably don’t need.

You should be building based on what you need then what you can sell for money, not simply what’s available. Once you filter out what you need/can sell, then your list of what you’re able to build becomes much, much shorter.

The system should allow me to filter out those blueprints I can’t work with due to lack of materials. That would make it easier to do what I want with the system. What you call “wasting resources on something you probably don’t need” is in fact “using resources on something I can very likely use, sell, or give to a corpmate.” I also sometimes just want to build something for the Opportunities, and I don’t care what it is; I have a bunch of lousy BPCs someone gave me an eternity ago, and I need to use them up.

You do realize that you have different material requirements, based on your skills and BPC quality, than others have? So the system would have to look at the BPC, derive what your material requirement is, then determine if you have enough materials to make it among all available hangars, then decide if it displays or not. Then it has to do this for every single BPC you have. Then it has to do this for every single person looking at blueprints in the entire game. Stop and consider for a moment that, with few exceptions, every single item you buy off the market is made by a player. There’s only so much processor power available, and I’d rather not have Industry start causing TiDi.

Yeah this is a worst case scenario, but you’re playing a game where N+1 is a variable you need to contend with.

One small correction to your perception: the game only needs to look at the specified source container or hangar from the dropdown to see if material is available, not any and all hangars. As to the larger point of my suggestion being time- and work-intensive, you may very well be right, but I’m not a developer, nor do I have any background in it, so I wouldn’t know what a dev considers big or small. I only know it seems like a small change on my end as a player. The devs can take my suggestion or not.

In any case, it’s really not worth debating further.

That’s why this thread is stupid as a concept. There’s no such thing as a Little or Small suggestion here. Any idea you suggest has farther reaching repercussions than you initially think, and the people with dumb ideas use this thread to silence criticism.

Bookmarks are NOT signatures.

Learn what tools are available before asking for tools that do the same thing.

What displays on the probe scanner is irrelevant if you know what you’re looking at. I spent years living in wormholes, dude, you do not need a new tool to do this.

I spent years living in wormholes, dude, you do not need a new tool to do this.

Oh, then maybe you can tell me how to direct scan bookmark?
Or maybe you can quickly how to tell which relic/data/gas site is gone without taking more than 5 seconds?
And how to find which signatures in list aren’t scanned yet by you or your mates? Again I want to know it quickly without spending much time alt-tabbing to external software and stuff.

I bet a player who lives so long in wormholes can teach me this stuff. Please I’m listening!

Click on the bookmark in the probe window.
Put your probes on it at 0.5 AU scan.
Hit scan.
You now have a 100% scanned bookmark.
Note, if you’re bookmarking a Wormhole, you need to warp to the sig and bookmark the actual wormhole, or your bookmark will land you outside immediate jump range.

You edit the bookmark to add a notation at the beginning indicating it’s done. But this is pointless as completed sigs despawn and you can safely delete the bookmark after you run a site.

By tagging the bookmark with the ID of the sig. You literally have two lists on screen to compare. My standard naming is as follows:
ID - Type - Name of site
ID - Wormhole size - Wormhole destination - status

Instead of asking for a new tool, why don’t you ask how the people currently doing this go about it?

I asked about direct scan, not probe scan.

And this is how you need to spend a lot of time comparing existing signatures with bookmarks, especially in systems with lots of sigs, especially in C13, congratulations having fun time doing that.

No, you really don’t understand what you talking about. If you like to hit the wall with your head it’s fine, but please don’t force others to do it.
The idea of having bookmarks for signatures doesn’t make sense right in roots because you just duplicate information what is always wrong thing to do anywhere, not in games. And here we have such thing and you justify it just because you used to it.