Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Dior Ambraelle) #1118

Suggestion: Allow players to create small packages of items, similar to the ones we can get from resource wars LP stores.
Keywords: item management
Note: I think it would be useful if we could create various packages that are smaller than a small container. For example we could pack together a set of BPCs for a specific ship + fit and store/transport that way, or just gift it to people. This would work with the produced items too of course.
For the size of the package, I would say make it 10% smaller than the items contained in it, with a minimum size of 1 m3.

(Acac Sunflyier) #1119

Suggestion: Put a fitting service on citadel right click menu.

Keywords: Citadels, Keepstars, Upwell, Fortizars, Ship Fitting.

(Hirmuolio Pine) #1120

Suggestion: Make data and relic analyzers non cycling
Keywords: Modules

This would be effectively same as setting the “Set auto-repeat: Off” setting on the module.

Data and relic analyzers start the hack at the beginning of their first cycle. After that you can stop their cycling. The cycling does nothing but waste capacitor. You can also retry faster if your module was not cycling.

(CCP karkur) #1121

This comes up a lot and while I completely understand the desire for this, it would not be very healthy for the database and the inventory system. Since it needs a lot of performance considerations, I’m afraid it would not be a “little things” type of work.

(Martin Hartl) #1122

Alliance bookmarks would be usefull

(nitro oxide) #1123

Suggestion: Search bar answers being able to drag and drop
Keywords: search bar
Note: Allow us to drag and drop results instead of having to hit info button first then drag.

Many thanks nitro

(Ahuraa) #1124

Suggestion: Change (have the ability to chose) the background image while viewing ship skins.
Keywords: Skins
Note: When looking at skins the background is determined based on the ship the skin belongs to, some ships have background that “hide” the details on a skin. For example Cerberus background highlights the details a lot on a skin but the Panther hides the details on darker skins.

(Sharcy) #1125

I have a couple.

Suggestion: A volume control button in the left hand menu bar
Keyword: ui, sound, menu
Note: A simpel master sound control button to increase or decrease (or mute) all the EVE sounds at once.

(I can’t be the first one to ask for this)

Suggestion: Corporate hangars in Customs Offices
Keyword: pi, pp, planetary
Note: The ability to put planetary products in a POCO in a corporate hangar, so that any corp member can pick them up.

Suggestion: Releasing planetary materials back to storage
Keyword: pi, pp, planetary
Note: When input materials are available in a storage or launchpad, a factory will automatically grab them and wait with them till all input materials are complete. If you change the schematic of the plant, they go lost. It would be nice to be able to release them back to the storage so they don’t go lost.

(A Dead Parrot) #1126

Suggestion: Ability to choose which Character is default for SSO logins

Keywords: login, SSO

Note: Save clicks every time I log in

I would like to be able to choose which character is displayed by default when the SSO login page opens. As it is, when logging in to a third party app through SSO, I always have to open the drop down character selection menu and select the second one down and then log in. Small but annoying

This is the page I mean,

(A Dead Parrot) #1127

Suggestion: Light up bookmarks on scanner map when you click on them

Keywords: ui, scanner map, bookmarks

Note: Planets are highlighted when you click on them, but bookmarks are not.

When you have very many bookmarks in a system, it is very difficult to know where, on the map, a particular one is. Having to click on every single one in the map to find a bookmark?

(A Dead Parrot) #1128

Suggestion: Allow bookmark folder window to stay open / pinned

Keywords: ui, people and places, bookmarks

Note: Separate window for a bookmark folder has to be reopened every time you log in.

Why can this window not stay open, as part of your ui setup? Currently it disappears when you log off.

(Hirmuolio Pine) #1129

Suggestion: Add contacts filterting to the “deliver to” menu
Keywords: UI, contacts

In the deliver menu you can list all your contacts to choose who to deliver the items.
It wouls be great if you could list “all +5”, “all +10” and also by labels (like you can do in contacts window). Actually you could jsut copy the UI from contacts window and it would be perfect.

Delivery window left. Contacts window right.

09 18

(Tzar Sinak) #1130

First of, thnx for doing this and continuing to do this! :smiley:

My request involves the Recruitment Tab. Most viewers I get have no idea this tab even exists, I would like to see it moved.

Currently the tab is found in the Social > Corporation window ( second tab over). This corporation search tool is really quite good. I propose that it be moved to the Agency window.

As I understand it, the Agency window is suppose to help players find content. If the assumption is correct would the Recruitment tab not be better suited there instead of hidden away?


(Farrel Valran) #1131

Suggestion: Disallow the anchor of mtus and mobile depots in Jita
Keywords: Jita, grid
Note: Removal of useless elements in the 4-4 grid making it easier to load, quitting an unfair advantage of gankers over other players undocking

4-4 has hundreds of mtus and mobile depots, making the grid take more time to load. For people who undocks after logging in this can represent a threat if the player is flying in a capsule or fragile ships, since the 10 seconds invulnerability window is not enough to help load the grid. Having the area clear of useless elements the main market of the game will offer a better experience for all the players visiting it.

(Farrel Valran) #1132

Suggestion: New backgrounds for the ship icons
Keywords: Icons, ships, backgrounds
Note: Update of the ship backgrounds to make them fit better with the current nebulas of each race.

(Rarilmar) #1133

Suggestion: Recall lost Fighters
Keywords: UI, Fighters
Note: Long overdue feature… it’s just stupid to have to combat probe them if disconnected or dock by mistake.

(Izzie Joking) #1134

Suggestion: Modulated Strip Miners
Keywords: Mining, Immersion, Crystals
Note: “Aargh, I’ve been using the wrong crystals”

The common complaint is ‘make the crystal colours more vivid’
My suggestion, for immersion, is to have the incorrect crystals sputter and spit as if they are struggling to mine the ore.
This would be a nice addition to the disintegrating roids, without dumbing down the current pastel shades.

(Odinegras) #1135

Suggestion: QOL changes for fitting window
Keywords: Fitting

Add a counter for total number of fits saved for each of the ship types.

Allow the ability to rename fits, by right clicking the fit in the fitting window.

When fitting a ship from a simulation, highlight on the simulation which modules couldn’t be fitted due to being missing from inventory.

Swap out rigs on T3Cs when fitting a ship from simulations

Swap out inventory when fitting a ship from simulations

(Zhele Jamohrr) #1136

Suggestion: Ability to copy more than 10 bookmarks at a time
Keywords: bookmarks
Note: the current limit is abysmal for bookmark traders

It would be wonderful to be able to travel to a dedicated system (with its own node perhaps) and queue up hundreds or thousands of bookmarks to be copied (I know the limit is in place to dissuade deliberate lagging of servers, hence the suggestion of a dedicated system/node).

(Circumstantial Evidence) #1137

Suggestion: To all market transaction entries, add Item ID tooltip (or a new column with this info.)
Keywords: Market, UI
Note: Encourage more market activity by reminding players what item buy orders have expired.

Example: Please help me remember what this list of transactions was about.

{date stamp}	Market Escrow	56,320,000  ISK		Market escrow release
{date stamp}	Market Escrow	-82,530,000 ISK		Market escrow authorized by: {name}
{date stamp}	Brokers Fee	-1,887,981  ISK		Market order commission to broker authorized by: {name}
{date stamp}	Market Escrow	-32,500,000 ISK		Market escrow authorized by: {name}
{date stamp}	Brokers Fee	-743,479    ISK		Market order commission to broker authorized by: {name}
{date stamp}	Market Escrow	150,000,000 ISK		Market escrow release