Log in multiple accounts

For those of us with multiple accounts, it would be nice to not have to log out and log in with new accounts. Can we have a way to switch accounts and see the characters on those accounts?

I think Neocom II on iOS handles this well.


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Can you have multiple Omega accounts logged in at the same time in Eve Portal 2019?


Yes you can login multiple characters via “Character Switch”, whether their are Omega or Alpha.

You can do so by either clicking the “Character Switch” button (top left corner, above your character portrait) on the Home page; or going to the EVE shaped “More” button then clicking “Character Switch” button the More page.

Please let us know if you have further issues.

The EVE Portal Team

Switch user is the top button in the add character screen its faded out so I over looked it a couple times.

I did eventually figure that out. I read “character switch” and did not think that included account switching. And the first time I tried to log in a new account, my first account was already logged in for the ESI permissions and there was not an obvious way to log it out.