Login fail error P101001

When I launch the app, I got this error, can’t log.

How it happened : I went on character list, and log out to be able to log another account. After log the message appeared

I have clean data in android app management : same error
I have wipe cache and data, uninstall, reboot phone, reinstall, launch the app
I was welcome with first message, ask me if I want sound enable, then login page, enter validation code, my 3 characters appeared in a blink and before I can do anything, the error show up. If I clic sur try again, same error again. And again.
If I close app and launch it, error appear after the 2 loading bars…

Can’t log back anymore even with initial account … Help !

Any love around here ? Still can’t use the app :frowning:

Hello! Please try a different network environment to see if this issue gets resolved.

I have try with wifi, 4g, at home, at work, with office wifi… Always the same, loading ,and when I get on the character selection page, the message appear without in a loop, only way to exit the loop is to close the app

Hello! Please use another device to log into the APP in these network environments to see if the problem gets improved.

I have try another device, work like a charm, like my main device at start.

I have then try to log on main device, still same error in a loop

Hello, still the same issue, can’t log and uninstall / reinstall doesn’t solve anything

Still need help please :frowning:

Little bump, still not able to load the app …plz help

Hello! The failure of the SSO connection is the local network issue of your device. Unfortunately, it can only be solved by replacing the network environment with higher quality.

I get the same error too. Thing is, the steam SSO works fine with literally every other app. Your implementation is the one that has issues and it seems to work fine the first time, fails, then quits trying.

Same story here. Gets the error in a loop. Impossible to connect. I’m on a fiber, it’s harder to get a better connection then this. Very good stability, bandwidth and latency. I’m pretty sure it’s an implementation issue here!