Looking for a mining corporation

Looking for corp that is primarily industrial focused, prefer low sec as their seems to be more isk/ph there, but if you can make me more isk, i’m listening. Something chill and out of the way.

I come with 3 toons 1 orca pilot and 2 hulk.

updated my interest. basically looking for the most isk ph, wherever that leads me :slight_smile:

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Morning Jintelli :smiley:

Not sure what your preference is, if you want a mega umbrella of corps, or medium / small.
But I’ll atleast give the offer to access to a structure network with industrial setup worth using for sure, moon mine will be more then you can handle I’m sure :wink:

We live out in NPC nullsec, it’s ups and down for it but any miner who knows how to sort themselfs abit will work this out very well.
If i’m lucky, maybe I can flirt you into one of our doctrine ships and join a CTA or two? Nothing in mandatory or so but, always nice to be able to both do industrial and some pew pew.

If you read this UMAH recruitment link, see what you feel, jump into the Umah_Pub ingame if it might be something for you. If I’m afk there - please take the discord details and contact me there if you wanna chat.

I hope you find what you are looking for!
Fly safe! o/


  • We are a RL prio corp!
  • We seek mature, non-toxic behaviour. Our chat or discord is NOT going to turn into a drama scene.

tbh the only thing i am really looking for is to make big money, r64 mining, low sec anomalies, 300mil an hour would be the sweet spot. Anything else is a plus.

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Wormholes. Hit me up on Discord, BearThatCares#1337

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