Looking for a new alliance

Hey Tamanade,

I am the CEO of TNER. (The New Eden Resistance)
We are part of Sons of Bane Alliance.

We play in both EU and US timezones. We are a more intimate corp. Everybody knows everybody, and everyone brings something to the table. Feel free to chat me up in game.
Also you can catch me on our discord server: The New Eden Resistance


Are you tired of being blueballed in null? Do you want to kick over other peoples sandcastles? Want to move from null to having fun? Want to small gang and feel like you aren’t just a number?

Minds of Murders is a c4 wormhole corp with a C3/C5 Static. Come build wealth and salt with us! What we really want is to help YOU as our team. We are a corp that treats each other as family. If you do not have thick skin we are not for you. We kick over other peoples sand castles, We collect salt, and we murder whether that be rats or people ■■■■ goes BOOM. Wormholes will make you more isk and help you farther on your eve journey.

ingame channel murders pub. or tag me in here Murderous Mindset

bump !!

ure still looking ?

Well if you wanna follow the content and are pvp heavy give us a look if your still looking around, we are heavy us tz

gotta keep the options open until you sign the dotted line my friend :))

thats already dune

take a good look add the paper

I shan’t bother listing listing a bunch of stuff that you may or may not be interested in, but I will say that Mass Collapse is a pretty laid back group of like-minded PvPers, that make the most of our Wormhole home to create fights for our small group. If that sounds intriguing, check us out here: Mass is back baby! [C5 Wormhole PvP] - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

…Or better yet, come and chat to one of us and hear about what we offer on our Discord. (linked in thread)


now with alliance !

hey you forged my signature !!!


Not found anything yet?
So … yea, corp name don’t give you all but to say it first; We are very mixed. Indy/PVP. (Yes, I saw you didn’t want indy/mining only) :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want the ‘usual’ recruitment thread, it’s here.

We are a bunch of older ones, with a occasional young pilot aswell, flying in NPC nullsec mainly. That’s where we are having our base in our own infrastructure.
In a growing phase, member base, structure, ships… basicly everything… we aren’t the right place if you think you gonna have it all here. It’s a team effort and I’m 100% sure you can enjoy the game if you are that type of person who is helpful, respect, can receive help and be helped :slight_smile:

We aren’t the best in mining, we aren’t the experts in PVP but we always try to improve.
Check our killboard (might turn awfully red in a few hours), check out our video, or the thread above.

If you just wanna have a chat to know more, you are free to poke me, Umah_pub ingame ← You find most info there if by any chance i’m not online.



still looking for an alliance

Outer Hell is recruiting corporations for Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec and Wormhole operations! We are not eligible for war and offer no Alliance taxes currently! We have players of all skill sets from 18 year veterans to New player experience! No fancy ads or videos.
Multiple languages spoken including English, German, Russian, Romanian, and Chinese!

Nvm looks like you joined our Friends in Evictus! Congratulations!

thank you :slight_smile:

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