Looking for a new home! Preferably PVE

33 million+ sp pilot returning to the game looking for a new place to call home. Came back to a dead corp and hoping to find a fun new group of people to fly with. :slight_smile: Really rusty, but I’ll relearn quickly. US tz preferred, but I’m up at all hours of the night, so I guess other TZs work, too. Highsec, WH, don’t really care.

If you’re interested in PVP as well check us out: [C5 WH PVP] Doin It Wrong is recruiting PVP Pilots!

Hey there. Check us out, we might be right up your street. Have a read of our advert and send us a mail if you like what you see.

Unity of Suns

FREGE is looking for new members to our community. We have been around since 05 so have a good base. We are US TZ and always put RL first. We know that first and foremost each member has to be able to make plenty of isk so that they can afford to do the things they want in the game. We are doing a complete reboot as now all of our founders are retired from the military so no more deployments. Give myself, Katar Aman, or Neverous a shout in game. Or you can catch us in the FREGE channel.

Best of luck in your search for a new corp.

We have lots of opportunities for different activities in null and low sec. Details here:

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