Looking for Leaders to build ''New Kid on the Block''

(Ingus Runcs) #1

Hi out there!

Due to being tired of changing Corporations (because something always goes wrong down the road) and sceptic about joining existing ones: I am looking for dedicated (Real Life Comes FIRST) and similar minded EVE players to build a new Corporation with.

Main Corporation direction is PVP and below -0.0 region.

Research, idea and possible way of execution are done but I am open to offers and suggestions.

Preferably 3-4 relatively experienced players I am looking for as to build a core management structure.

If you are loyal and similar minded and if you share same situation as I do at this stage of my EVE life - please leave your info below and I will PM to you or contact me on Discord RetroSystem [Ingus R]#0989 and I will reply as soon as I can.

Be ready to put some time and work into this because I have high personal standards when it comes to leadership.

This game became too much about Big and Powerful and who has Bigger and more lasting but much more lees about actual – PILOT O7

Let’s see if we can make something decent and positive.

P.s. My approach is: people who I play this game with are always priority over personal in-game ambitions and ego.



(Venalicius Nalelmir) #2

Friend request sent on Discord - waiting on you to accept before I can convo you.

(Kell Idanian) #3

Will vouch for Ingus. Hes a good guy and motivated. Give him a shot.