"Looking Glass Monocle Interface (left/gold)" Price check

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at least 500b+ considering there are only like 6, and it’s one of the most distinctive cosmetic items, and it’s immediately recognizable even on the forums

like i know you have one, because your forums profile literally shows you wearing it.

and also, multiple have changed hands for 300-400b 5 or so years ago, and I can’t imagine they’d be worth a lesser amount considering two are owned by players that haven’t played in several years, and one is a guy who doesn’t really “play” the game.

tl;dr if you’re offered less than several hundred billion you probably want to hold onto it OP

Granted I agree the ‘Looking Glass Monocle Interface (left/gold)’ is definitely a rare item but imo 500 bill ISK is much too high of a price. I would place the value of it somewhere between 100 to 200 bil isk max…

The reason I say that is currently in-game there’s only one ‘Looking Glass Monocle Interface (right/gold)’ available in Jita which is selling for a little over 65 bil isk.

So 150 bill isk for the left/gold monocle would be over twice the amount as what the right/gold monocle is selling for.

I don’t have a horse in this race as going to be way too expensive for me, but check out this thread from a earlier this year, a very speculative WTB ad, but one of the other owners of a left/gold has a standing offer on his of 1T isk.

This is pure copium from a person who wants to buy it. It’s worth at a bare minimum, 500 bil as that’s how much previous ones were going for.

The only copium here is your outrageous price estimate for that item. Your claim that others are selling at that price or even higher is nothing more than pure speculation from you. How about you post some proof to back up your statement.

Yeah, the last post in that WTB thread was in Feb, no sale was ever made and the thread automatically locked itself in May after 3 months of inactivity.

That 1 Tril isk ‘standing offer’ wasn’t verified. More likely it was just price gouging since it was posted right after the other person placed a 500 Bil isk offer which was a reply to the OP of the thread who was actually looking to buy a left/gold monocle.

Basically that thread doesn’t contain anything other than pure conjecture which seems to be the same route this thread is taking.

I just put it up so Siegfried could approach either the original poster, or Shaktar who said he had the standing offer, to maybe get put in touch with offering person, or any of the other confirmed owners for some advice.

I would love to see an auction on the forums to see what it would go for, as I am a little nosey like that, but sadly I guess it’s likely to be sold in private.

As I say, I can’t afford it, but wanted to try to help.

An auction would help him if he needed isk and was going to stay… However he said he no longer plays Eve anymore so I don’t see how telling him to sell it for a Trillion isk actually helps…

Personally, if I was not going to play Eve anymore, I’d probably just do a random Raffle Drawing and gift my entire asset collection to the winner…

Slightly wary of carrying this on, but I didn’t tell him to sell if for 1T. I showed him a post that basically had some potential names/contacts in and some prices being thrown around. I very specifically didn’t put forward my own estimate, and I believe I used the word speculative when describing the post I linked.

There are something like 6 people that own these in game - a post thats a few months old is hardly outdated - how often do you think these are sold? and out of those, how many in public so we can get an idea on prices?

Not really sure that warrants being told I’m not helping. Granted, I’m probably not helping you, but then its not your monocle.

The left/gold monocle was originally available in-game from the NEX before it was changed into the NES. Over the years these forums have documented 8 left/gold monocles. Considering the fact that these forums only represent an extremely small percentage of the Eve playerbase, only CCP knows exactly how many of those monocles were actually bought from the NEX.

As for that WTB thread you posted, that unsubstantiated statement of a 1 Tril isk ‘standing offer’ proves nothing.

For somebody who supposedly doesn’t have a horse in this race, you’re certainly pushing hard for a high price on it.

You’re the only one pushing for a price, and to be honest bellowing that it’s only worth 100-200b max doesn’t make that true.

I linked a thread - either believe the people in that thread or don’t.

You didn’t need to criticise my input, I didn’t comment on yours when I originally posted.

Maybe we’ll find out what it sells for, you’ll be proved right, and CCP will replace the “Price check” forum with a “Check Price with DeMichael Crimson Forum”.

I traded mine in 2019 for 58k PLEX. I don’t remember what PLEX were going for back then. I’d gladly reverse the trade today.

How about you check his WTS thread before you post some more BS again, a few people are bidding and the highest bid so far is a little over 300 Bill isk, highly unlikely it will get anywhere near 1 Tril isk.

As for your last comment, you can go take your rubbish back to Reddit…

Would that be the thread where you are getting pissy with people for bidding in the first place?

Maybe you’ve scared them into bidding in private?

I thought you’d decreed that prices / random bids in threads are unsubstantiated and don’t mean anything?

Pretty much every reply you’ve given on either of these threads has been nit picky and a bit passive aggressive.

I think you’re the one best suited to reddit.

lol, love how you continue to twist things around in an attempt to prove yourself right…

I posted that reply to the very first bidder who, FYI, posted his bid reply to me instead of the OP.

The only one getting pissy here is you and you continue to escalate it with each post. Now do us both a favor and just stop it already, the OP has bids happening on his WTS thread so this thread is done.

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