Looking to rent some space for small alliance

Hello everyone.

We are a small alliance of friends of around 400members , we have our own alliance auth , comms , JF calculator , and have mostly been doing stuff in high sec in the mercenary world . We are predominantly into pvp with 8 decent fleet commanders who are pretty good at what they do and basically we would like to try dabbling in the nullsec sov world .

What we are looking for .

The ability to own at least 1 system with our own sovereign.

Acess to PvP fleets or to run PvP fleets .

To be in null sec .

What we can offer you

A loyal and trustworthy team of people who will help defend the area of space we live in .

Isk .

Jump freighter service .

Hugs on a weekly basis .

If you can help us find a home please message me here on this throw away character and I’ll contact you on my main

I hear Delve is available.

I know some space you could take if you dont mind an ally no need to rent really with 400 members