Low Class WH Corp Monolithic Juggernaut [MONO1] wants players

What ever your things to do in the game, we have a place for it. Industry, PVP, Market shenanigans, losing ships you spent 3 weeks fit-crafting…whatever.

We are a small but tight-knit group of players that love the game and enjoy having people to play it with. We promote a Life-Comes-First approach to the game. As such, we do not require participation in ops of any kind. It’s fun to be a part of ops, but you shouldn’t be penalized because you cant make it, or simply choose not to.

Come find a new home, and new friends to fly with. Our home system is a C2 with C2/LS static connections. This really makes it easy to get into Jspace and learn how to live in the upper layer of New Eden.

Time zone of play for you does not matter to us. Our time is all over the place as things have changed in people’s lives over the covid-riddled year and a half.

Come talk with us on Discord and see if we are a good fit for each other: