Low-Sec PvP: Black Ops, Camps, Roams, 24/7 Fleet & Capital Skirmishes

Come join us, blops, orca kills, small gang…No idea to stupid lol…
If you looking for a fun corp that dabbles in most things long as its in low sec and worm holes then we might he the corp for you.
Still looking for the miner, builder, pvper. We have the space. Do you have the time :).

Morning all,

Still looking for all sorts, come on you know you want to :grin:.



It’s true!
We got pizza, we got rocks, we got bloaty! What more you want?

Wife agro, no problem.
Real life gets in your way, not a issue.
Work away and worrying about your stuff. Got you covered.
Low sec is were its at my friends, pvp, pve hi sec just a few jumps away.
You want to mine we have alliance boosts and moons that need harvesting.
Pvp fleets and fights daily including cap kills.
You want to fly that shiny ship :grinning: go for it my friend.
The only rules we have is be in fleet or your fair game to the local blues.
And teamspeak is your friend.
Do you want to know more ?

Recruitment is still open. We are looking for pilots who are looking for some fun.

We are still looking :slight_smile:
Where is all the bloodthirsty pirates, the null bears who want revenge. ?
We take all sorts in here. US time zone but looking to expand.
PVP, Pve, coms there is always something on, weather is dropping onto rorquals mining. Bears running sites, or just camping the gate.
Its a fun corp and growing daily.
Looking forward to meeting you.


Recruitment is still open.

Recruitment is still open.

We may be growing, but we’re not yet full. We are still looking for additional pilots to round out our ranks. Come join us on discord for a chat and see if the life of a Heretic is right for you.