Lux-P - New To C4 Corp Escalating The Derp

Lux Permanet ~ Light Remains.

No salt, no tears. Dignity, and integrity.

It’s been a loooooong, hot summer (this fat lad is still sweating). It’s also been pretty quiet both in Corp and in W-Space as these long hot days have drawn on into weeks. But autumn is upon us, life retreats from the sun and back into space, and in the words of the great Sam Cooke, a change is gonna come….

We have all but completed our move on up in the world to our new home in a C4 C3/C4. No more the C2 life for us. The C4 chain will be derped upon from a great height, and much hilarity and pew will ensue.

What we need though is you! You with the experience, the knowledge or even just the will, to come and help us on the start of our mission towards…achieving our long term goals (I’ll leave it vague for now :wink: )

So step right up, ambitious capsuleer, there may be a place for you with this bunch of fine folk I’m proud to call my Corp mates. A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies (thanks Upwell).

Lux-P is recruiting capable pilots looking for the wormhole life. Those who wish to learn, or want to lend their Eve knowledge to help a continually developing and growing corp.

Preferred qualities

  • Skilled into T2 Cruiser
  • Covert-Ops trained with WH scouting experience
  • Self-sufficient in ISK making (some support is available)
  • Access to Discord with a working headset and mic
  • A plucky, can do attitude Big cajones

Desirable qualities

  • Experience in FC’ing in a small to medium gang
  • Fitting Wizard (sleeves optional)
  • Armor Logi is always handy
  • The ability or desire to plan and lead operations

What we offer

  • Various structures and opportunities for ISK making to support your PvP
  • A friendly and active community, mature (Discord shit posting channel aside) and helpful
  • A reasonably well-stocked EU TZ. US TZ needs MOAR. MOAR = a better community and bigger fights
  • Discord server for voice and text comms
  • Private Pathfinder

Pending the arrival of a new all pewing, all dancing application process, hit us up on our Discord or join the ingame channel Lux-Public and give Merk or John Braxxer a shout!


Its like a forum fart, but you get the opportunity to join our Corp :wink:

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Why wouldn’t you join a J-space Corp???

Not us, but point well made.


“It’s like blackjack & hookers, but better” : John Braxxer
Great people, fun enviroment and enough pew made me want to stay. 5/7

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Stay a while! i’ll knock you off-course and scram you on our corp post.
Might aswell apply! :wink:

Bumpedy bumpbump

Hit us up, you might like us :wink:


You’re into wormhole content? What are you waiting for? Lux-Permanet is waiting for you!
Hit us up in-game for a relaxing chat and maybe content!


Removed some off topic posts.




Will send you some PM’s in-game.


Fist-bump! Come and join us in Lux-Public. We’re always open for a chat!

Bump! when are you jumping on for a chat? we’re pretty cool if you get to know us!

Are you ready for wormhole shenanigans? Hit us up in lux-public. we’re always up for a chat. o7

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