Main Ratter, Alt Miner LF Peaceful 0.0 Experience (Preferably Under 5% Tax)

Hello EVE Recruiters of 0.0 Space.
This would be my ultimate play-station, If yours is matching, I am interested in joining.
Here are some short lists, which you should properly read first…

Have and Do.
14.5M Main Ratter skilled VNI.
2.6M Alt Miner decent PROC.
I will RAT and MINE the whole day, have done it before in 0.0.
I will only PVP in one specific role and one specific ship.
NOTE: I am, however, open for NEW STUFF…

I can talk a lot.
I can be a annoyance for certain people.
I will show someone when they are right or wrong.
I will ask a lot questions to make something clear for myself.
I can be really stupid at certain times, and you should tell me when it occurs.
NOTE: I’m called STONE for a very specific reason.

Male - Netherlands - 24 years - CET Timezone (1 hour ahead on EVE) - English and Dutch - 1.90m / 6.23 feet - Work 2-3 days a week - Play a lot, preferably the whole day when the situation allows it.
NOTE: This is me, and I cannot change that fact.

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