Market tips, info, and discussion! And how to manage 15k orders! ...or less lol

Hi everyone! Starting a new thread here to update everyone on my market business. I will keep this updated on market trends, new video releases, and just a way for players that come to the tread to easily find out about my market activites to help them out either theoigh asking me questions here or on my discord.

First about me. I have 15,000ish market orders. 400 billion revenue per month and about 100bil profit per month. 17 trade hubs with 915 to 1000 items in each trade hub. So i have access to lots of data on what items are selling and what dosent and how the market is doing overall.

I will be posting more videos and data graphs on diffrent market items and regions to help out everyone in there trading so look for updates soon!

Anyways heres the links to things.

New channel where more videos are in the works for.


Feel free to ask me questions here or on discord for market stuff or spreadsheet stuff!

Some graphs on my data

T3 ships are selling slow and surprisingly ammo is doing better than i thought. I just trade t2 ammo. Might stop trading in t3 hulls and sub systems.

Here you can see trasactions per day and at the end around may 15 the market comes to a halt or dramatically slowed down and is continuing since then :frowning: low profits incoming.

You can see the decline of transactions from march through may.


Just curious, how are your standings at each trade hub?

Thank you for keeping Stacmon stocked up. \o/

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I use citadels so no standings needed or just the tax skills.

The 3 npc stations i do i have no faction standingsm. But when its 50% or more markup for prices a few % tax does not hurt too bad.

I was gonna say, at the NPC stations, we can help raise your corp AND faction standings

Yeah i saw the service for that. But i will eventually move those 3 market hubs into a citadel towards the end of the year.