Massive RMT going on

(Bjorn Tyrson) #18

CCP created plex specifically to reduce the impact of RMT. it hasn’t been 100% successful, but they did it LONG before any other companies tried anything similar.
They also do ban people caught RMTing on a regular basis, they might not catch everyone but they do catch a lot of them. CCP also tends to ban in waves, they will spend a few months gathering names and investigating to make sure that it is RMT, and then do mass banning. They do this to slow down the rate that RMTers change tactics and it allows them to gather larger batches of IP’s.

The police don’t go out and bust every single small time drug dealer, they wait until they have enough information to take down entire rings.

(Octoven) #19

By the same token I’m less likely to report a crime if i have to drive down to the police station and do it in person (filing a petition) vs phoning the police up and doing it over the phone or them coming out to get the report filed (Pushing a button on the UI).

I’ve seen CCPs track record on these kinds of bans and they do indeed do them in waves but compared to most other MMOs EVE has probably been the most, in my opinion, to have done anything about the issue largely based upon reports from other players.

Based on that alone I’d rather still have an interface one click report button than to go through the petition process which unlike in the past, has to be done outside the client now since in CCPs infinite wisdom they removed the IGB. Not to mention there is nowhere in the help section of the client does it indicate where to report RMT violaters. There is a link to knowledge center and report bug. Hell…there used to be a clearly defined button that let you open a petition, back in the day it was all filed and sent via the client but now it’s all web based…no I prefer not to bother alt tabbing to do something I should be able to do via a right click. They have Report ISK Spammer so why not RMT?

(QuakeGod) #20

Everyone RMT’s. If you’ve ever spent $20 buying PLEX from CCP for the sole purpose of selling it to get quick ISK, congratulations, you just RMT’d. The only difference is CCP is the facilitator…

(Ima Wreckyou) #21

It should probably be easy for them to detect if money flows away from a person multiple times (RMT) or if it flows to that person (scam).

(Sabriz Adoudel) #22

Thought of that. That’s where it’s a bit more worrying for me, because I don’t scam often at all.

(Duo Roman) #23

Yes, but you don’t fall victim of scams regularly either. People RMTing (the dealers, not the customers) are those that always lose a bunch of ISK.

(Joe Monso) #24

heres some more RMT for all to see

(ISD Athechu) #25

Hello @Joe_Monso

If you believe there is RMT going on please refer to our post on what to do when you believe you spot RMT. This way the proper people can look into it and take action if needed. What should I do when I spot RMT (Real Money Trading)


ISD Athechu

(WEWILLSEE Whatwillbe) #26

Maybe it is not allowed to say but I feel it is an awesome sign of maturity for EVE that people are looking for ways on how to voluntarily spent even more money on the products of New Eden.

(Joe Monso) #27

ISD Athechu I have, but its been 2 days ago no answer

(ISD Athechu) #28

Only thing I can say is to continue to wait. Just because you might not see anything on your end doesn’t mean work isn’t being done.

(Faylee Freir) #29


I think it might be good to consider some kind of feedback system where you are updated with the outcome of your reports, both for bots and RMT.

You don’t have to release details like the duration of a ban or anything, but I think it would work wonder for your customers confidence in the system if they are least can see that yeah my effort in reporting mattered and I’m doing my part to keep these assholes out of the game.

(ISD Athechu) #30

@Faylee_Freir You’re welcome to post that type of suggestion here:

That is beyond my purview. Please remember I’m only a volunteer not a CCP staff member so I don’t have that kind of ability to make a change like you are suggesting. Best I can do is make the suggestion in the feedback section of the forums.

(Cristl) #31

5 billion for a Hobgoblin I BPC. Classy. Not even a blueprint original…a copy.

Book 'em Danno, RMT one!

(Buoytender Bob) #32

Good idea. As things currently stand, anyone’s attempt to report botting or RMT going on gets no acknowledgment from CCP that their effort to make the game better/fair is making a difference. Not asking for some sort of bot bounty or RMT reward, just any response from CCP that tells me they are reacting to the incidents I have reported, whether I was correct or in error. Any reports people file now days seem to disappear into a black hole and the reported activity usually carries on. If CCP would acknowledge the report and either validate or dismiss the report, then hopefully the reporting players would get feedback that would result in fewer false reports ( just like PD). If CCP doesn’t seem to care about apparent rule breakers, why should the rest of us follow the rules?

Just a simple Dev/GM blog on the current state of botting/RMT in EVE would answer many questions. Let us know that any effort by us to help you is noticed and appreciated. In any relationship, rather it be personal or business, failure to acknowledge one sides extra effort by the other usually leads to a separation ( in interaction,money,etc.).

Could the next player that visits Iceland tap the glass on the CCP building and see if anyone is home?

(Sindara T'Soni) #33

If it helps the discussion about whether or not RMT is alive and kicking, a quick Goggle search for '‘Buy EVE ISK’ will return a dozen websites offering to sell you some.

(Faylee Freir) #34

I have posted my suggestion to the appropriate sub-forum. Let’s get this liked and on Reddit folks!

(The AntiChrist666 Diablo13) #35

shhh let’s just pretend it is not there :sushing_face: (move on nothing to see there)

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(ISD Fractal) #37

Thanks for reporting this to CCP. I will close this thread now as further discussion is not productive. :slight_smile: