Mayhem Enterprises-(ME)-Industry and Mining, is Recruiting

Mayhem Enterprises is a Industrial/Mining Focused Corp, we are not war eligible, for a more chill experience in High sec, we do mining OP`s in low and null. and are working towards having our own Low sec space. We also do a bit of PvE.

if you are looking for all out war, (PvP) our sister corp (Mayhem Mechanics) (MM) is the corp for you. we have a combined chat channel for both corp`s so every one can
communicate with each other in one channel.

We are Looking for
Exploration, Mission Running, Incursion, Alliance Warfare, Small-Scale Gangs, Trade, Mining, Research, Manufacturing.

We are New Player Friendly.
Minimum Skill Points Requirement 0.

Friendly Fire is Illegal.

Area of Operations:
High Sec, Low Sec, 0.0 Sec, Wormhole Space


Time Zone: EU & US but all are Welcome.

Alpha and Omegas are Welcome.

We’re an industry focused corp, that collaborates within a larger alliance and coalition with access to Low sec and Null sec space.

What we offer:

  • Ice & Ore Mining Fleets, with Max Boosts.
  • PvE mission running.
  • Active incursion groups.
  • Discord Channel with BOT. (Mic is not Requierd).
  • Corp Buy Back programs.
  • Shareholder Program.
  • Full industrial setup.
  • Blue access to Domain Low sec and Null Sec.
  • Cannot be wardecced, safe corp.
    -Worm Holes.

all we ask is that you Actively play EvE online, and help the corp to reach its long term goals and tasks, and if you feel like takeing a break from the game for a while. You will still keep your membership until you return.

If this sounds like something for you, Contact me Ingame: (Swatmo ZM)
or just check out my Char`s Biography for links and Info. You can also just apply to the corp the normal way, Applications will be responded by Ingame Mail or a Conversation.
or join our public channel and talk to one of our Recruiters: -MM Public

Hope to see you, and take care :slight_smile: