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It’s amazing how happy he was with us and as soon as we tell him " You Lied To Us! & We Have Proof" We are all of a sudden scam artists. Cause yeah we’ve gone to such great lengths to simply scam people.
Oh… I had a giggle at this one when he said (It’s going Viral on Google ) lol.

Ok boyz & girls dont forget to vote for Noori for this years CSM :wink:

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Most Wanted

Article content may continue to grow and we are asking for help and support from New Edens pilots in helping to obtain any additional information on these Scum Bags!

Final Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement (F-ROPE) Squad is seeking the assistance of New Edens citizens in locating the following offenders who are unlawfully at large from intergalactic or federal correctional authorities.

The following individuals are wanted for crimes reaching outside the laws of EULA. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Final Ultimatum alliance or contact Naomi Yazmin directly.

Rewards for additional information!

Kindest Regards
Final Ultimatums F-ROPE Department


If the Informations in your Link are true, you shouldn’t write
a contract !!!
Things like reallife-herassment, especialy murdering messages,
are a clear eula-violation and have to be reported to CCP !!

They will react hard and quick in confirmed cases.

If this Information is not true, you should write such a ■■■■■■■■.
So plz CCP, proof this case.


Annosour Amatin

We may reflect such information on our own official website as its just the same as using YouTube!
Using official forums to direct in game users to our site is in no way a violation.

Members should be made aware of such offending players as they are an insult to gamers worldwide!
Because the offence has not been made using any of CCP services they’re unable to take action but this should not stop use from making such information known to the rest of Eve Online citizens!

Final Ultimatum takes seriously all threats and potential threats to our agents, our assets, and our mission and takes action whenever credible information is developed.

Final Ultimatum is proud to announce that we’ve now implemented (FOB) Removal Services!
Requested By You :wink:

Find the new service located on our official website under Forward Base Removal Services.
Check our Services channel for special discount voucher codes upon check out.

ISD Officers I’m kindly requesting that this forum post be untouched and to remain here on our official forum page and if I’m in any violations to please outline them to me directly so I can make altercations where applicable.

Many have asked, how was Final Ultimatum born!?
My response was always shadowed from the truth… Truth be told today is Final Ultimatum was created to help and support Corporations, Alliances and even individual people within and across Eve Online/New Eden. I myself was once a victim of a serious griefer alliance known as Wingspan Delivery Services.

After being grilled I thought it would end there, nope… continued with continuous connections to our Teamspeak server, ongoing crank calls on our toll-free number and online chat system alongside a ridiculous amount of registration attempts to our official website with some let’s say very thoughtful email address.
At this point, I thought its time to sell my character. Its time to leave wormhole space and I did just that. I rebuilt from the ground up. I rebuilt something from nothing… completely ground zero but this time what I wanted to build was a loyal community backed behind the foundation of wanting to help others deal with such griefers. For the past several years I’ve worked diligently to build Final Ultimatum to what she is today.

I’m Naomi Yazmin, I’m also known as Chloe Ocean Murray which was a young gamer who had very little to no experience in any online game. “Murray” is my RL middle name, Chloe is my RL 1st born daughters name. During the Teamspeak connection of two wingspan agents, I thought it would be a fun idea to grief these two individuals with myself and two others of our community membership whos audio files were never heard throughout the course of any aired video. These voices had been edited out of what Wingspan YouTube editors at the time wanted you to hear.

I believe they also made an additional two videos in which case the exact same audio files had been used from the 1st video. Well, I know this because they had been banned from the server the 1st time.

Some said if you can’t beat them join them… I said nahhh I’m going to build something from nothing and to become a powerful entity in efforts not only to help others who had fallen serious victim without any capability to defend themselves and make effort to have the full ability to fight back… not if, but when that time comes.

Final Ultimatum
When All Else Fails… We Don’t… is in memory of Nemesis Inc - United We Play!
Each of us knows where we came from, many of us had joined and had known the story.
Do not allow any past to outline your future, do not allow yourself to be victimized as I myself almost required the B4R’s

My intentions were not to continue to hide as I had left hints for any intelligent pilot to locate along the way such as linking my Steam community to our current official website, continuing to fly under my alt known as Serenity Ocean and also dressing each of my characters the same way as Chloe Ocean. Advanced users would have looked up who owned the known domain Nemesis Inc and matched the same name or email address to Final Ultimatum .com
I also knew by creating an official FaceBook page with my real name would also link back to me where I had large amounts of feed associated with Nemesis Inc. My intentions were to rebuild not with a serious vendetta in mind but as a mercenary service from its Founder who knew what many of you had gone through and continue to go through every day in this universe. I knew one day I was going to announce who I was and where I came from but only after many had truly gotten to know me as a person. Granted I made some big mistakes I won’t begin to deny that. What I learned the most is recognizing those mistakes and taking corrective action which by taking only a few minutes to look at everything we’ve built, outline and offer.

What I can tell each of you throughout New Eden and this great and more so vicious galaxy is as the Founder of Final Ultimatum I will not lie, I will no longer hide behind the shadows and I will make every effort to ensure your contract is met to the absolute very best of our ability.
I also know this as it was built for this exact reason. I can relate to any victim in Eve Online as I was once there myself too. I had once placed absolute blame on a founder of an organization which was a decision based on a clouded and disgruntled mindset in which I had made in error as I came to realize many nights later that the Founder was not to blame and simply had zero control on the actions of individuals housed under its Corporation flag.

Eve Online needed something different than just give me your isk and will war deck your enemy by spending all of our online time in a trade hub pipeline. Final Ultimatum was built and designed to cater our own skilled pilot’s skill sets to each of our client’s requirements and needs. Each contract is unique and offers its own set of challenges and rewards and completing a valued clients contract has become after so many years the most rewarding feeling I’ve ever experienced in Eve Online.

Do I have regrets? Of course, I do, truth be told I’ve always taken the hard road because I refused to listen to individuals who obtained the previous knowledge of situations. That’s just me. What I do regret the most was thinking I had to hide, what I regret most was selling my character which wasn’t important to me, it was the character name that meant the most to me and upon Chloe Ocean’s creation, I wanted nothing but the best and to do the right thing. What I regret the most above all else was thinking that I had no choice to sell the account character. Its been hundreds if not thousands of people across New Eden I’ve taken the liberty to teach and train on eve’s game mechanics… many of them I had watched backstab our many once Corporations but hey… that’s Eve right. Its what I like about the game mostly, to be honest with each of you. Final Ultimatum is here to stay regardless of who comes at us! Regardless of who it is who attempts to continuously strike us down… Final Ultimatum is now more than just me! Final Ultimatum is a collaborative team of trusted individuals who even after hearing my story, seeing YouTube videos had chosen to remain as dedicated membership which to this day I have no words to describe how thankful I am.
What each of Final Ultimatums membership has seen over the years was a dedicated individual who stops anything I may have been doing to listen to a member, help, and support and to the very best of my ability continue to develop what we have today. But for the membership Final Ultimatum has today who had also been apart of Nemesis Inc United We Play have seen most is that I’ve learned from my past mistakes and they have known who I truly am as a person.

To those select few members " You know who you are " You’ve become much more then just a member, each of you have become friends I was able to talk to during troubled times, many of you had been the people who have taught me to make the right judgment calls and even pass judgment calls when my own mindset may have become compromised. I would personally like to take this opportunity to say thank you for standing by Final, standing by me all these years as I know whatever happens each of you will continue to do so and that alone is the most powerful entity in Eve Online.

Just recently due to Final Ultimatums actions on to another Corporation I had received death threats through Discord text chat network from the official Ceo. I thought to myself. Wow… that was ME many years ago!! ( Well not as far as a RL Death Threat ) He was doing everything he could to stop the relentless attacks and he ran out of in-game options and resorted to death threats. How many players have I seen that happen to who played the last card they had. How many videos will each of us watch on causing other individuals pain through internet mechanics? I thought to myself should I leave this individual alone after all his false accusations and many attempts to call everything I built a scam or should I deliver the maximum pain and one day have him realize that he had made mistakes and learn as I did.

Chloe Ocean Murray can be located on the official Eve Online monument on row 3 and column 16. Line number 39. Naomi Yazmin and I, on top of Final Ultimatums organization will continue to stand regardless and Chloe Ocean Murray will not have been lost as she stands for many meaningful reasons throughout my history here in New Eden.

Many of you will ridicule or make jokes of hatred and it’s expected sadly but I will no longer hide behind the shadows.

In memory of Chloe Oceans Character and Nemesis Inc

Naomi Yazmin,

I would like to congratulate you on owning your identity. However I was saddened to read this entire post and notice that you didn’t include all the details uncovered in my counter-intelligence report that was delivered to you 8 hours ago.

In an effort of being clear and open with your past, present, and future client base, I would encourage you to be completely transparent with your ‘‘issue’’ you’ve been experiencing these past few weeks, and your actions as a result.

  • Agent Informative

I actually didn’t get to my in-game mail until only a few minutes ago and replied accordingly.
Was actually brought to my attention through other loyal officers via Discord and that’s when I decided enough was enough.

I’ve also reached out to two of the previous clients who had become terminated as I based judgment calls with an offset decision and have decided to issue refunds accordingly.
In all honesty none of this was either of there fault and they will be in fact issued full 100% refunds in the next few days and or when they reply.

You mentioned something in your records as shown in the image below with regards to our website and SQL database which stored and housed all of our contract files.

This kind sir is in error! I and my level two I.T agent reviewed SQL logs and found zero malicious logs when conducting the audit. Furthermore, I might add that our database system runs on the domain finalultimatum.net in which the public can view regions of our contracts but certainly not vitally deemed intelligence and certainly not the client.

( I created a public profile to allow any agents with our community to see which contracts we had, does it show vital Intel and or client names. Noooo!!! ) Like Duh!!

The database system is run and controlled directly through Google completely 100% separate from our domain .com and official website! Now our website links to our databases login panel ( Link Shown Above ) but that’s it. So whoever it was who stated for the record they’ve gained access to our database system is next to impossible!
Our database again is run directly from Google I Free Tools and access to that SQL is restricted to even me! Who is this guy? Gary McKinnon?

Also, our finalultimatum .com emails domains are also run from a completely 3rd party known as ZOHO!

Attempting to gain access through our website would be impossible as again it only links to a login panel.

If infiltration efforts had been made and successful to our official website I’m afraid the only information you’ll find is hundreds of website registrations with of course many articles and back end stored images within Joomla template manager. We are currently reviewing SSL Certificate Options to help encrypt our data. Oh man… an SSL might break every single image on our official website and every image may then need to be redirected from http:// to https:// But hey its worth it as we do have an official store with some pretty cool stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s so incredibly amazing how people in a game would go to such great lengths to gain the upper hand outside the terms of EULA. To me, I couldn’t do it, if members of my community had done this they would be permabanned as per our official communities Policy and Terms of use & Privacy Acts that can all be located by visiting our official website and scrolling down to the Footer Menu. Why play if you need to cheat… Takes the challenge out of everything.

Now with regards to using push software to gain access to vulnerabilities with our utilized Discord Bots also outlined within your report, I could believe and I have taken immediate action in hoping to rectify the issue permanently as shown below.

Final Ultimatum Discord Alliance channel now displays a link to be directed to another Discord server with zero bot system integration.

Final Ultimatums Services Discord ( Where Clients Connect ) also now redirects them to a completely separate server ( For Security Purposes Of Coarse )

and I’ve also had to write a list of some updated rules and regulations all in an effort to keep our valued client safe and secure from well “Cheaters”

So saying you’ve gained access to our Joomla template through a Discord bot which accessed a Joomla Module which then gave you access to an SQL database I’m actually holding my piss in I’m laughing so hard. Who the hell told you this! Find another IT guy cause whoever told you this to add into your report is an absolute imbecile!

Its a simple matter of Eve Online pilots who’ve created Discord Bots abusing their powers by feeding the Read Channel permission and streaming that information to server logs… a.k.a Key Logging.
Sad but certainly possible, how else would a Discord Bot know you’ve just typed !command or !play, !stop, !Disconnect. Absolutely pathetic but again I’ve taken the matter very seriously and have made immediate corrective action to ensure safeguards are in place for each of our valued clients and more so to ensure we do our best to safeguard our own policy for 100% client confidentially.
Oh My God Where Is TeamSpeak 5 Already!!!

Does Final Ultimatum ask our clients “Why” Negative… and we certainly never will. That’s not how we operate. Will we war dec any entity across Eve Online… Most definitely if paid to do so and not on our whitelisted service offers. Will we attempt to research who they are by gaining access through 3rd partly malicious hacks via known websites or Discord servers… No… Will we place a real persons alt character into a targets roster days, weeks or even months before an initial war declaration becomes activated… yes.
We are in no way concerned with political standpoints on any matter! We are paid to do a job, we go in, get it done or fail I might add and simply GTFO! Any politics or drama or some yahoo who calls himself an all mightly diplomat is simply blocked and told to piss off, we’re not interested.

Last time I ran an ( Intruder ) test everything checked out 100% Lets just say the site was a tight as a… well let’s not go there but ya know what I mean…
I think the only vulnerability could be the Discord module its self and if so I’m about to find out as well as any other vulnerabilities if at all any.

Then I have to go for the latest Extended SSL
$399.00 USD
Term: 1-Year
24/7 support
Strongest 256-bit encryption
Trusted by over 99.9% of browsers
Highest-rated Certificate Authority for customer service worldwide
Free reissues and replacements for the lifetime of the certificate

All in a day of being a Mercenary huh!
We get asked all the time, why our prices seem so high… Hmm I wonder… :neutral_face:

I stopped reading after the 3rd sentence facepalm


Fun read.


nice webpage

What is this gold mine of content?

I see my initial popcorn gif wasn’t exclusive to Alazarr. This whole merc corp are popcorn worthy.

“I’m such a nice guy. Honestly, I’m such a nice guy, but ■■■■ if I was in front of him physically right now, I’d be going to prison”

Calm the ■■■■ down miner!

Also… Salty McTengu, nice to see you still hanging around.

Show me the power!


Glad you liked the article :smiley:


This needs to be echo’d more and the sham needs to be revealed.


I did, good work my specialpinecone! :slight_smile:

Just thought this is the right place / audience to link it…

Doxxing coming to our contract menu? lol :rofl:

Always read the small print :wink:

I was actually going through the Discord DM’s of how many times you were asking me… “You gonna buy a Titan from us” Lol Man I can’t even explain how bloody annoying that was!
I was going to start linking in the forums every single DM but I think after I got to about 15 DM’s after just one week I was like Pfff this is seriously a waste of time.
Even the amount of times you were pushing on Abbie about it… poor guy I was thinking in my head.
So let me try and get this straight here… You wanted us to give you 90 Billion isk and then you’ll start building the Titan… soooo no in-game contracts mechanics? Just here’s 90 Billion and well get the Titan 1 day soon and even free shipping you said at no extra charge right!

Lmao… man I was born at night buddy… but not last night brother so I don’t know how to finally tell you this but… we don’t want a Titan lol I hope you get the picture now!

Am I an arch nemesis now?

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