[MERCS] BLACKFLAG. - Mercenary Services [ BLACKFLAG.]

Hire us for the festive period!

Hire us for salty tears.

The game is alive, it’s just that you died.

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Astrahus | Space Knights Templar | Killmail | zKillboard

Astrahus | Space Knights Templar | Killmail | zKillboard

Content is always better against other Mercs. It focuses the mind and its what we love to do. Hire us to work against other Mercs, or just hire us to do your dirty work.

looking to have a astrahus and a raitaru destroyed 27man alliance 3 jumps from amarr

Mail me in game.

Your service is not needed in telling me how to run my show. Thanks, grizzled old noobs starring some murdouche luther.

Final Warning!
From: Murdoch Luther
Sent: 2020.11.21 19:36
To: Danielle Sexbang,

Fire one shot at any of my alta and we will come after you ■■■■■■■ assholes again and kick your ■■■■■■■ sandcastles over!

Yes, it’s a ■■■■■■■ threat you stupid asshole!


Let’s dissect shall we? “insert pronoun here” player feels threatened…I’m laughing. Can we pickle this, can it, and put it on the shelf? thanks…too many expletives and funny. I expect this virtual wrist slap to stay for these nuisances at best.

Identify alts smart guy and you MAY have a better time?

Hire blackflag this festive period. With the world in lockdown we are staying safe by shooting other peoples ■■■■. Hire us today for all your wars. Mercs for hire.

Murdoch is just a small guy with a big ego :-).
I was there when he started bis “Merc” carrer.

I would fully ignore him.

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OK i see 3 Alliances here…

If you are looking for content why didnt you do it alone ?

Egos and icons here…they’ve all failed. Grizzled old noobs…You got your balls chopped off by my alliance and your marmute fall-offs have mouths via eve mail? lol. Just stahp and lol. This is no longer eve.

you’re angry at loss of virtual power? Youi’re cracking…sissy. SPMO

darth mader

I have done this with no response in game.

You’re speaking to a bot or the equivalent btw…

Hire blackflag. We have salty fanboys follow us.

Sour bots who take isk and do nothing like other people with…something called honesty and trustworthyness, usually fade away.
I never got an apology from murdouche luther.

Make this angry guy appreciate I’m laughing at these silly bluffs.