Meteor Industrial Complex Looking for Industrial Pilots, Explorers, and Leaders!

Humpy hump

If I missed your evemail, I apologise! Life gets hectic.

As always, if you want a half decent group of industrialists and logisticians, talk to us today!

US tz players, we want you!!!

Pushing people out of LowSec daily. Ask about our free ammunition delivered directly to your hull at no cost to you!

Miners! Producers! We need you and your capabilities to help us push into Null and beyond!

To the top!

Moons always popping! Producers needed

We have ore, you have time. Let’s work something out!

Pew pew! :parrot:

US TZ wanted! Need people to bolster our fleets and share in spoils!

Newbros, come get a taste of LowSec life!

I would love to hear more!

:slight_smile:82 MIL SP Player
:slight_smile:Played since 2004
:slight_smile:Looking for a NEWBRO or NEW CORP to Play With
:slight_smile:Former Military
:slight_smile:USA Central TZ
:slight_smile:Pls Have Discord
:slight_smile:Im able to to Xplore, PvP, PvE, JF’s, Orca Boosts, Dreads, and Carriers!

I’ll send you a message in game!

We’re looking for players who want to support a new NullSec group, taking sov from the ground up.

Still looking for members to join us!

If you’re interested in LowSec or Null life, let’s talk!

This thread is only monitored sporadically, hop into our discord and say hi for a faster response.

Been a while, but we’re still kicking! Looking for all TZs, Miners, producers, pvpers of all kinds!

Back to the top!

Hello MIC!

I am a returning, somewhat experienced, pilot after several years away from Eve. I feel more like a new pilot, though. I am an experienced gamer otherwise. I am based in the U.S. now, and I wanted to ask, “How does MIC felt about that?”

Take care and happy gaming!

Dakota Raine

I see u broseph…
Mail sent

Clan Oshane

Need a break from summer join MICX :parrot: