[Mikramurka] Petition for Inquiry and Amicus Brief

Greetings Summit,

Clan Ramijozana of the Sebiestor Tribe has prepared a Petition for Inquiry to present to the Tribal Council. We are asking that the Council open an inquiry into the multiple security failures that enabled the attack on Matar, our homeworld, to happen.

The petition is open for signatures. It will be submitted to the Council on Wednesday, but will remain open for additional signatures until the Council accepts it for review, at which point the document will be locked.

We respectfully ask that only persons of Matari descent and/or Republic loyalists sign this document. @Shorai_Aikyoraan will post later with his Deathglow amicus brief, which will be open for anyone concerned to sign.

Petition for Inquiry: Mikramurka Attack

You may contact me with any questions.

On behalf of Clan Chief Tiama Ramijozana and the people of Ramijanawa, Mikramurka, Matar,
Melisma Ramijozana
Cadet Chief of Clan Ramijozana and Co-Chair of Corovid industries


Amicus Brief: Deathglow and Security Concerns

This is a short document meant to support the Mikramurka Petition, focusing on security matters regarding preparation and treatment for Deathglow attacks.

Regardless of your background, if you have professional or personal experience with weaponized Deathglow, you are encouraged to sign.

I plan to organize a group of researchers to help Matar, and any other location that requests or requires it, prepare plans for security against such chemical attacks. Independent of the Tribal Council’s response, I have the go-ahead from my own clan to set up such a plan with our area security force.

If you’re interested in participating in that group, you can reach out to me or Melisma.

Shorai Aikyoraan Ramijozana
CIO of Corovid Industries


If there is anything I can do to be of assistance in this matter, please let me know. However on that point I support this petition with the full weight of my office.

Literia Khammael
Head Diplomat for PNS


The attacks that occurred on Matar are close to my heart. I would gladly offer my signature on your petition if you believe it wouldn’t be more of a hindrance than a help.


You’re more than welcome to sign, Azazel. You’ve certainly fought for us enough.


And it is an honor to do so…


The petition and amicus brief have been submitted to the Tribal Council for consideration.

For now, they are still available for additional signatures, for anyone interested who hasn’t yet had the chance to do so.

Thank you all for your support, and we hope to work with you further toward these ends.

Clan Ramijozana/Corovid Industries


I’m curious: does this refer to my and Dr. l’Agusta’s research, or is there other work published on the matter that I’ve missed while dealing with other issues?

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When it comes to fighting threats such as the Blood Raiders, as well as the use of chemical weapons, we must all stand together. I stand with all other civilized people of the cluster in opposing these attacks, am gladly sign the Amicus Brief and offer any assistance I can.


Thank you, Lord Avarr. We appreciate your signature and your offer of assistance, and I look forward to working together in the near future.

Similarly, anyone else with a relevant interest is welcome to sign the amicus brief regardless of affiliation (but the Petition itself does remain open only to Minmatar).


It’s mostly a reference to your work. There is also an article written by the late Marshal Protector Alizabeth on the topic of preparing for and responding to a Deathglow attack; though it delved less into scientific specifics than you had.

We reached out to Dr l’Agusta (mostly on the merit of Melisma already being acquainted with her). If you’re still working on the topic, we would be happy to support and coordinate with you in any way possible.

Edit: Linked the article.

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