Minds of Murderers is recruiting pilots like you!

Nice, fun, drama free but personal atmosphere!
-Smaller corp growing!

  • RL first attitude!

  • Lowsec Mining/Ratting/Industry

  • Fun Events!

  • Guidance and Training for newer players who show their commitment
    We require:

  • Be able to read, write and speak English

  • Be able to use voice and text chat Discord)

  • Be able and willing to PVP

  • Be active ingame and on Discord regularly
    Ingame channel is Murders Pub
    public discord is https://discord.gg/Nead4hdyfa Stop by and have a chat with us :slight_smile:

We are still recruiting :slight_smile:

We are still recruiting Newbros are welcome :slight_smile:

We are still recruiting alphas and newbros welcome

Still recruiting! Plenty of stuff to do :slight_smile:

Still recruiting join the discord to chat with us!

We are still recruiting active pilots Orca boosts are available :slight_smile:

Still recruiting! Join the discord for more info!

Still recruiting Come talk to us today :slight_smile:

Still recruiting come talk to us in the discord!

Come talk in the discord and join today!

Still recruiting. Back on top we go