Miners Legion - 0.0 - Industry/PVP/PVE/Exploration

Miners Legion offers opportunities for visionary, entrepreneurial and combat oriented players. Join us today!

We’re newbie friendly and have members who have played through all aspects of Eve and are more than willing to help you on your journey. We are foremost an industry corp. We have the Three Bs: Blueprints, Boosts, and Buyback. Our blueprint library is extensive and available for use by members. We provide mining boosts when available Porpoise/Orca/Rorquals, as well as combat boosts when necessary. And lastly, our buyback program is second to none, typically paying out far above market rates for ore.

We are also seeking combat pilots. We are currently building up our membership and experience. We have moved out to sovereign null and established a home for ourselves in a rich and prosperous area of space. We will need not only industry experience but some real PVP chops as well. We are also seeking players with some PVP experience that are willing to take on some larger roles, leading fleets into combat and helping others hone their PVP skills.

There are many fun aspects to Eve, but by far the most fun you can have is the fun you have with others. We are a very informal and social corp, while still maintaining a structured leadership core. So join up, hop on our Discord group and get to know us!

Are you?

-Ready to be on the ground level of a building and prospering corporation.
-An avid ratter who wants to reap PVE bounties and do profitable combat sites with like-minded people.
-Someone who likes to explore high-end signatures, yet still has capacity and will to contribute to the corporation in other ways.
-An aspiring combat artist, who likes to discuss ship fittings with fellow aficionados and fly small-specialized gangs led by experienced fleet commanders.
-A rather new pilot, who wants to fly fully reimbursed cruisers and learn from experienced players.
-An industrialist or miner, who wants access to ore anomalies with boosts, gas and ice, blueprint database for mass production and research facilities.
-A “jack of all trades” who wants to find purpose.
-Someone who wants to kick back and roam with friends once in a while.
-Tired of constantly changing lifestyle of wormholes.
-Tired of massive blobs and impersonal corporations where you are just a number. In Miners Legion we acknowledge the individual. Put your skills and expertise to use and make a name for yourself in New Eden.

TL:DR: PVP, PVE, Industry, 0.0, fun activities and interesting members.

If this is you, enlist in Miners Legion by having a chat with us in “.M.L. Public” channel, on our corp discord: https://discord.gg/j6wdFmq or convo or PM to the recruiters listed below.

Best regards,

The Recruitment Team
Valcc Elusive, CEO
John Fascia, Director
Urania Nike, Director
Marlinea, Recruiter
Ivo Ramirez, Recruiter
Gestell1, Recruiter
Choc Talar, Recruiter

We are mainly US and EU Time zone.
We are based in Paragon Soul
Alliance: Already Replaced.


I am new/old- Player who is interessted in mining.
I played 4 years ago and now I want to return to eve in mining.

Unfortunately my ability of English speaking is something out of practice.
Am a good reader and listener, but the talking is rusty there.

If thoose speaking barriers okay, i want to try a chance how does is function.

I am interested in joining your Corp as a miner and Industrialist. I have 142 million skillpoints.

Hi there im a returning player thats looking for a 0.0 corp,im a pvp/pve mostly but do mining from time to time,i would love to join you guy,i started out my eve jurny around deklein so it would be perfect:-)

Recruitment Still Open!
Need miners and PVPers!

Are you a CEO of a smaller PVP Corporation looking to get into the larger scale combat? Dont want to deal with the politics of null leadership? Just want rich content? If so contact me in-game via mail. Looking to add a dedicated combat wing to our ranks.

While we’re focused on industry, particularly mining, we are also heavy on PvP. Never a dull moment, particularly on our current campaign!

Not sure if I would be a good fit or not. I tried eve back in 2004 and eventually got to be too much with real life, school and kids.

I played other sandboxes including Albion but got tired of it and i did some reading on eve and it sounds like something I wanted to get in to.

I forgot all about my account until I wanted to try eve again and so I was able to recover it (that’s why the character is so old) and now i’m trying to find out what I want to do. I spec’d in mining and wanted to try something else so I’m currently speccing in to exploration but I can see how ratting would be fun but i’m really trying to find something that keeps me going.

Anyways, I play after I put my kids to bed around 8PM Eastern US and off and on during the weekends.

If you don’t care to help teach me, i’ll do whatever I can to help and support. I really want to get in to this game.

tl;dr I’m old and while i played back in 2004 I still don’t know what i’m doing and looking for help and a team to play with doing exploration/ratting/etc.

Thanks and sorry for being long winded!

I’m interested and would love to chat more out of game since my pc is down for a few days

I’m quite interested in your cooperation. I am a new player and have normally not a lot of time to play (or regularly).

If you accept such players I would like to hear from you.

I’m interested in joining,
I’m a mining industrialist who can fly drake
I also have two other toons an orca specialist and anther mining alt who can fly a

I’m leaving my current corp because i don’t see the other members in it and the station ran out of fuel again

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