Minmatar liberation day - not the event i want

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Wouldn’t a capsuleer be able to get out of bondage by committing suicide?
No P2W

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How about this for an event, have ‘Open Season’ on every Calamari everywhere, free and clear of all reprisals.

We can roast Calamari on the BBQ and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Also, INB4 :lock:

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I love it but that would be sandbox gameplay and since eve isnt a sandbox game you have to follow the storyline like in Call of Duty :slight_smile:

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Only if they are using the capsule to do it, outside of the pod they are just defenceless meatbags with no way to clone themselves, all the cloning tech is built in to the pods

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what i really want is for all the skins available only through the event to be available to be sold on the market or bought on the NES store.

not true. back before the CQ was taken out i read somewhere that their consciousness still gets transferred to another clone, it’s just not as updated, or something.

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The storyline behind Dust 514 brought INSTANTout of Pod cloning into the EVE Universe.
Hence why Dust 514 Soldiers were “immortal” (see trailer below). Normal, non instant, out of Pod cloning existed long before and is practiced by baseliners i.e. civilians that can afford it.

The vision back then was that also capsuleers could engage in out of pod “shoot outs” (also see trailer below)

I was at Fanfest when CCP Seagull back then talked about the EVE vision.

However when CCP scrapped Dust 514 they came up with some BS excuse with the instant cloning implant being verboten or something. Cant find it so take it with a grain of salt.

Anyway I digress.

TL’DR : There is out of Pod Cloning technology.

Side Note : Unless you find a way to literally off yourself, you are kind screwed this includes being a slave on vitoc and ending up as a blood raider blood bank. Both of which are horryfing even for a capsuleer if you think about it. Even if a new clone of yourself wakes up somewhere because your old self is considered “lost”. It is still out there in potentially endless suffering and agony and likely won’t be cloned as a “duplicate” should its torment finally end.

Also there are diseases that prevent cloning such as Derj’s disease and there is a slight chance of something going “wrong”.

Sources :

Trailer #1 : Dust 514 - Immortal Clone Trailer - YouTube
Trailer #2 : EVE: Future Vision Trailer - YouTube
Chronicle : iirc the Sine Wave Articles also scratch the topic.
Chronicle on “civilian” cloning : Article - EVE Community
Scientific Article : Cloning - EVE Community

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I believe this belongs to the roleplay subforum. :thinking:


Its super grindy. Discouragingly. On top of that I saw some people losing assault frigates. Seems its pretty bad luck if you try it in one.


I haven’t done any of the combat sites yet, thinking maybe an AC Rupture with passive shield buffer tank might work. I did try looking for hacking sites but after 2 hours of searching, I gave up and started running the Minmatar Lore path.

So far I’ve warped to 6 sites, half of them were in Low Sec and I’ve only gained 55 points. I’m using a Covert cloak ship with sub 2s alignment fit with a WCS mod, just in case… Anyway, since it takes 600 points to complete this event I’m not even sure I’ll be able to finish it.

Completed the entire Lore route, gave me 110 points. Guess I’m now back to looking for the Liberation Data sites…

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