Mobile depots: two-day reinforcement needs to go

Another option could possibly be to remove the reinforcement timer in Highsec space and keep it as is for the rest. Mobile Depots are meant to only be used in Lowsec, Nullsec and WH.

Maybe go as far as Banning them from highsec altogether?


Says who?

I use my mobile depot often, and in multiple situations from exploring, incursions, hisec, lowsec and on into wormholes. I have also forgotten and lost a few. Not everyone in hisec is a scammer or a spammer. Anyone with a bit of memory will scoop the depot when operations are over. 24 hours makes the most sense. Reinforce it today and come back to finish it off tomorrow. If they haven’t remembered to scoop it by then it should be able to be destroyed.


While I can see the point in reducing the reinforcement timer, or even eliminating it in hi sec, there is a use for them in hi for refitting away from stations.

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Perhaps a limit of two deployed per pilot in highsec.

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Will not solve the spam issue as anyone can create as many pilots and accounts as they want.

With the Eve playerbase track record I cannot put it past someone to do that, however it would be hella cumbersome to spool up 75 accounts just to spell out ‘moonpire’

nice! i have 83, if the game rules allow it, why not to use it?

People do this when there’s a strong incentive. I don’t see it here.

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There definitely isnt a requirement for strong incentive, some of the stuff written off Jita Undock was just some sad person or group with lots of time and apparently a great deal of boredom and so they spelled out stuff in space.

IMO, as little as 6 hours would be sufficient. The 2 purposes of it are refitting in space (the one it’s intended for) and for shoving ■■■■ into to keep it safer than inside your hull, ie explorer bots (i’ve seen one of them have 6b worth of salvage in a depot before) and rorquals punting excavs.

I’m talking about making lots and lots of toons, i.e. going to considerable effort.

Spelling out stuff in space currently doesn’t require much effort.

If characters were limited to two MDs each (in high), that effort scales up a lot, and so it would only be done for more significant reasons.

(Of course those reasons might still seem trivial to an outsider, but a lot of human effort has gone into them, at that point I say go ahead)

I agree 2 days is a lot especially for a 1.4M ISK mini-cargo-hold in the middle of space. Maybe 24 hours is better, or I think even 12h would be better if CCP would add a kinda mid-tier depot in the 20-30M ISK range and put that at 24h while having the expensive Wertu and Yetu mobile depots stay at 48h.

I still think the fact that the user can scoop it while reinforced is a big issue in conjunction with the timer. It is as if you could scoop a citadel or pos when its reinforced. I do not mind the scooping while reinforced but scooping is just dumb.

Maybe there could be an undeploy timer just like when it is deployed, during which the reinforcement goes off and the depot can be attacked?

Anchored containers also have to be unanchored before they can be scooped which takes the same 1 minute as the anchoring.

To be honest this should also apply to MTUs as well. :stuck_out_tongue: Yes that would create some interesting dynamics when the owner of an MTU is on grid. :smiling_imp:

But if in case of MTUs it is considered to be imbalanced then at least add it in case of mobile depots.

That could work as well. Just feels wrong to scoop from reinforced I do not mind the timer more the scooping.

The timer is such to allow using it while exploring or roaming and not coming back the next day to it destroyed. So 24h is the minimum needed to allow it to do its job.

There is also no reason to make its timer lower in highsec than elsewhere. Unless we want to finally admit that highsec is not the safest area of space of course.

Re the scooping. Again it’s there to allow using it while exploring.

Here is an idea though. What if they exploded at the end of the reinforcement. So once its attacked it either gets collected by owner. Or it explodes. No need to bash it a second time.

Make them a hackable item after a certain time period… 24 hrs?

Maybe roll that out to all deployables?

It is an issue though there is no need to keep it up while a you a are gone just scoop before bed then set it out when you log back in.

Give mobile depots a 1-hour timer everywhere. Problem solved.

Because high is short on stations.