Mofr is looking for old vets and social players

MoFR is looking for pilots - Sov Null - PVP - EU TZ
We are MoFR. We love PvP. We live in Nullsec. We do all the other stuff that Eve offers for fun and profit. And we are looking for more people to have fun with.

If interested please feel free to stop by our discord Ministry of Furious Retribution or contact the players listed below
our kb: Ministry of Furious Retribution | Corporation | zKillboard

What we offer:

  • PVP in all forms
  • Very friendly and well educated (High SP) pilots in the corp and leadership
  • Excellent isk-making options
  • Alliance level Ship Replacement program
  • No pressure Gameplay. We want you to have fun and we know that this is a game.

What We Look for in our Members:

  • At least 15 mil SP
  • Active members that are able to use mumble and discord
  • A good attitude
  • Willingness to learn
  • Working mic and active on coms (mumble)

ESI checked and comms interview is required

Contact Methods for Additional Information:
Join the in-game MOFR Recruitment channel “MoFR Recruitment”
Join our dicord:

Ministry of Furious oppression and forced labor
Tynian Erath - head-recruiter (swede, SPACE!)
Red Elite - recruiter (also swede, like big guns)
atomtoaster - recruiter (better ask him nothing, he is wired and he is german)
Torcea/coppy - head corp fc and all-around horned teenager.

Ministry of gunboat diplomacy
toaster - diplo (he is British, swipe right ask him if he can drive a truck, if it is urgent, please contact him on tinder and get a instant response if you have double E)
M4ster112 - Co-CEO (he is British too but says ■■■■ quite frequently, could also be an aussy)
Heimdallofasgard - CEO (also British, is an engineer in RL and does something with Lazors)



Bumpity bump bum9

still looking for players, vets welcome and anyone 15m sp +.











still looking for more eutz players, uk and swede heavy.