Monthly Economic EVE Report 2022 THE TRUTH!

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And? We used to be able to mine isogen and nocxium in high sec. Now we have to go to low or null. CCP added PI components to all T1 battleships. The changes affected all miners and manufacturers, not just those in nullsec…


Yes I agree and should have put that down… but your right .
Ton’s of isk being lost because we cannot build that’s why the prices are thru the roof…
Reminds me of a president I know!

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I have just come back after 4-5 years away. Paid to bring my 6 Accounts and…WTF? I cant even build anymore. I was an industry player I have never made a PVP kill. I thought it was great, selling the guns and bullets to those who liked to PVP. What am I supposed to do with my 18 industry toons now CCP? They cant even build and make a profit. I honestly believe coming back was a big mistake and I have lost real money in the attempt. I feel cheated by you CCP. side note I will actively discourage anyone else from making my mistake.

So, after a 5 year break you expected industry to be EXACTLY like it was when you left? Things change. ISK can still be made, just not the same way it was 5 years ago.