⭐ MOONPIRE-Trading (closing, do not accepting new investments)

Are you kidding me.

Banks ask for collateral, especially if the sum is exhorbitant. Which 750 billion isk is. No bank just hands you money.

Again, Corporations that ask for people to invest in them, have a track record. Its very difficult for a brand new corporation to ask for investments, especially if they have nothing to offer.

Sure, and I could get isk from other chars, but… If i can get it through scams, why not?

Thats basically the attitude we see in you.

In the real world, sure.

But in eve?

  1. Delete character.
  2. Make brand new character

\Wow, that was easy. Its not over at all.

So a couple of questions.

  1. What are you actually doing with the ISK? I know you call yourself a bank, you have shown evidence of a skillfarm and I have read somewhere you are trading PLEX regionally. However, in this post, you have not specifically mentioned what you need the 750Billion ISK for?

  2. What happens when you get sick of playing? Or you get struck by lightning/hit by a bus? does the 750B just sit on your character and no one ever sees their ISK again? Do you have a plan to get everyone their ISK back?

Take it from me, real life can hit you when you least expect it and it sucks to come out looking like a scammer. Because let’s face it, you are a scammer until everyone gets their ISK back.
Also possibly consider offering more interest as you are completely unknown and untrusted, risk vs reward.

I see absolutely no sense in presenting any evidence, because these are taken apart in a different way, above will show that I show more, then I show more and it is again sought something. it does not matter, it always finds something. that’s why i see as my only option, wait, make and time will show who in the end is right and wrong. Yesterday I already won the first investor.
While I was writing, Cor_El_Dahken wrote something, here is my answer:
Before the Skillfarminvestition, I have traded in all regions with Skillinjectoren and have earned a lot, especially in the Nullsec areas. In addition, I bought the plexes everywhere to then sell at a profit. My business model is designed so that I can be on my own without being dependent on others, such as logistics, buying and selling. For security reasons, I do not let anyone else into the core business with my accounts. That’s why there is no other person who has access to my accounts. I have an extra corporation for that, where I spend a small part of the money on experimental stuff.
In real life, I have several employees who are responsible for the maintenance of the server and that all day and night and if anything happens to me here everything is regulated, that I contractually give people a guarantee that I with the best of my knowledge and belief Manage your money. If there was such a thing here that somebody is really being punished in a fraud, I would use this opportunity to give you more confidence, but I do not know any way to do something sensible here in EVE. Do you know a way? Besides depositing goods, because if I ask you about ISK, I’ve already cleaned up and can not deposit anything. Why should I deposit something in the same value, if I just use this value myself and no one has to ask? ^^
So if I’m struck by lightning, then it’s over here, because in EVE you can not give an account to other people. As I said, if there is a safe way to offer you more security, it betrays me.
So what do I need now the 750 billion.
250 billion are for active trade and the 500 billion for the Skillfarm, therefore also the 6 months minimum holding period.

You’ve only been playing for 6 months this time around? I don’t trust you to stay playing eve if I invest in your ‘Model 2’ plan. To echo every other poster here, this idea of yours to get people to just give you isk for nothing isn’t going to work well me thinks. How do you plan to make money off of all this isk you ask for? What will you do if you get ganked or a giant alliance declares war on you??

what exactly should they destroy me?
to the other questions, the answer is in the post about yours.

If youre here asking for isk, then clearly you are trying to depend on others to foot the bill of your Plexentraden or Skillfarminvermin or whatever the german equivalent of those words are.

Good reason, except that someone already came along and breached your security and went away with whatever billions of isk from your corp.


In real life, im an astronaut and a secret agent who is trusted with the worlds most top-secret information, alongside being an investment banker worth billions of real world money. Maybe I can give you some tips on how to run a successful investment.

Actually, you can, and many do. Its called an API key.

I thought you said you made around 300 bill. Why isnt that enough for the trading?

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Good morning eve forums :slight_smile:
no that is not true… as i wrote above, it is the test corporation not the core…

and again as i wrote above… i am building a skillfarm and investing my isk…
in parallel, I trade with the isk that are left over

About API. How should it work? who should controll all the characters? and what for guaranted does it give to you? you still can do anything with the API when you will be scamed?! And for other reason, why should i let you in my privat room, when we are talking about business here?

Because this is exactly what is is. The old “bank” was closed down all of a sudden a few years ago. Now it “pops up” again, and you are scamming for more.

Your last thread didn’t go successfully so you try to bury that thread by creating a new one.



No, I deleted the old post because I got it wrong with the presentation of the project, which caused too many confrontations.
And please do not subject me to things that I did not commit …

And what happened to the old “bank” again?

I never had an other … This is my first.

Please. I’m no fool.

Anyone who looks at your employment history can see the old “moonpire bank” that was CLOSED.

Uh am I mistaken? I swear…

It’s possible I mistook your bank for another similar thread that was closed and reopened. Very similar let me try to find it again.

So, I was getting confused with I3 Bank: I³ Program Thread of Record

Do you even see a single damaged one here? And which former Moonpire Bank are you talking about ???
yes pls find it…

I guess then lets have your full api info and we can check your claims.

It is a pity that ccp has a great deal of crime here but does not even have a system of punishment to punish criminals. This whole mistrust is really corrosive, because here everyone seems to do what he wants and there are no penalties, it should still be possible to somehow protect his investments … I’m sorry I can not help you there, I understand you, but understand also me. Even as I seriously try to dispel your doubts, there are always new allegations. So what should I do in this regard? What do you want now? Why do others invest with others and there is not such a theater? I am treated like alkapone here, although I have not harmed anyone yet. Is this the community where you really want to invest time?

Edit to respond to post above to API:
how it works? who will check it? It has to be someone who does not release all the information afterwards and spreads all messages … it’s just a scam to be found, if no one is there, then please write it clearly here

Publish your full api keys so people can audit your claims. If you don’t want to do that, then use a ‘trusted’ third-party to audit your accounts.

now the question… who will check all the accounts? And it do not give you guarantee, that i show you all accounts…(that will be the next argument against me)

Give a full api key for all characters on your arisha moon, moonpire holding company and all the corpies in it (which are all your alts I’m sure).

This is the difficult one to answer. Who is a “trusted third party?”.