Multiple e-mail functionality problems

I found a couple of things to be malfunctioning/not working logically

  1. when replying to a mail from your sent box, the mail ends up in your inbox. It would be more logical to send the mail to the original recipient instead. Now you have to use the address book to re-enter the original recipient.
  2. character name lookup doesn’t work when composing a mail. If you type “drommels ghekon” in the recipient field, it doesn’t find anyone. Only if you use the + icon and type the same, the correct user will be found.
  3. Autocomplete suggestions don’t work when writing a mail. Smart things such as hitting space twice to write “. “ doesn’t work. Also spelling checkers are disabled.
  4. Hitting “return” when writing a mail hides the keyboard. You have to re-enable the keyboard by tapping somewhere in your mail.
  5. the app doesn’t allow you to scroll in your new mail. I end up writing the bottom part of a mail first and then adding new text to the top part.
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Hello! Thank you for contacting us and we will look into these issues as soon as possible.We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.